Look What I Saved From the Curb!

Saving a curbside find from the trash, this little table was upcycled with fresh paint and more!

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Some of my favorite things didn't come from a high end store, or cost a pretty penny. Some of my favorite finds for my home came from the curb!

I know some of you are thinking, "Ew" and others of you are thinking, "Wow, what a great find!"

It's Thrifty Style Team today, and what could be more thrifty than a table I found curbside? We are a group of thrifty loving bloggers who inspire you each month with our finds and how we decorate with them!

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A couple weeks ago I found some fun treasures at the thrift store, and driving home I spotted this little white table at the curb. One of our neighbors was moving and decided not to take it with them. I shared my finds on  Instagram and you can still see the details  here.

Saving a table from the trash

It's actually not often that I find furniture at the curb, so I was excited to bring this table home and show it some love with a makeover.

The table really wasn't in bad shape, although it was dirty and the drawer wouldn't open. Here are a couple of lousy before pictures, taken from screenshots! Sorry about that, I can't believe I forgot to take a decent before picture.

After cleaning the table with water, vinegar and dish soap, I was going to paint it white, but decided to go a little crazy and paint it this beautiful soft blush pink color! The color is  Ooh La La by Country Chic paint.

If you can't have fun with color at home, where else can you? At some point I will probably paint this table white so it blends better with my home decor, but for now I think it looks oh so chic!

The paint I used is chalk paint, which means that other than cleaning the surface, no other prep is needed. If you're unfamiliar with chalk paint, I have several articles that will help you, I would suggest you start here Chalk Paint 101, perfect for the beginner.

vintage pink entryway table with flowers and books

Two coats of paint were all it took to take this table from trash to treasure!

Mr DIY helped me fix the drawer by installing a drawer glide, which had been missing. It still looks a little wonky, but I wasn't looking for perfection. These types of little quirks add charm to an old piece.

I added some pretty paper to the inside of the drawer.

pretty paper inside drawer

And replaced the boring pull with a gorgeous vintage pull!

vintage gold drawer knob

Waaay back when we lived in Florida, I bought an old dresser from a thrift store in Sarasota. One of the things that made me fall in love with it were the vintage gold rose-shaped pulls.

The dresser was huge and barely fit in the back of my Tahoe; in fact, we had to leave part of the back open to accommodate it's height. I remember hearing the sound of something falling, but it wasn't until we arrived home that we realized one of those gorgeous vintage knobs had worked itself loose and fallen off somewhere on the hour drive home! I was understandably upset.

Several years later I finally got around to giving that dresser a makeover, but I had to source new knobs for it because of the missing one. You can see the cottage white dresser makeover here, and how it looked before.

Of course I saved the remaining vintage knobs, and it wasn't until now that I had something to use one of them on! I refreshed the gold with Rub 'n Buff in Antique Gold. It's a wax that you simply rub on and buff.

A little goes a long way, and it's one of the easiest ways to bring new life to hardware that has lost its sparkle and shine! Here is the hardware before.

rub n buff and knob before

And after adding a dab of gold rub n buff. What a difference right?

vintage drawer knob after rub n buff

I've moved this curbside pink table to my entryway for now, but it'll likely move around a lot because of its small size. Hey, a girl has to have options 😉

curvy pink vintage table with plants

Did you notice the pretty curved top?

When I was styling the table for pictures, I asked my daughter Abby if she would make me a quick art piece for the top.

She is currently taking Art and loves to dabble. Here is what she came up with for me.

hydrangea sketch

black and white hydrangea sketch on canvas

close up of sketch

Isn't the hydrangea sketch beautiful? I love having a piece of original artwork by my daughter sitting on this sweet upcycled table.

I know it's not everyday you find something sitting at the curb that you can bring home and upcycle...so when you DO find something, have fun with it and make it your own!

This sweet little pink table is a piece with a story...I may not know it's story before it came to be in my possession, but it's part of our journey now.

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  1. What a precious table and the color is perfect for that room from what I can see. Good job! I have also found stuff on the side of the street and would send my husband to fetch it. He always did but I don't think he liked it too much. ��


    1. Thanks Denise! Some of my favorite memories are picking up roadside finds while my kids hid in the car, totally embarrassed! 😄

  2. I LOVE finding curbside treasures! Your shade of pink could not be more perfect for this lovely table. It was "born" to have this color. It fits the table style perfectly. Amazing job, Cindy.

  3. Such a pretty pink color, Cindy! It looks perfect in your entry for Spring! Gotta love roadside finds; pretty much everything in my house comes from the curb!

  4. It's so cute Cindy! I love the color and the hardware!

  5. Cindy, I love this shade of pink! I think my favorite part is your daughter’s drawing!!

  6. What a cute find and I love the color you picked. I would love to find more curbside free items in my neck of the woods. Looks great and thanks for sharing.

  7. Love the update to this cute table. Such a pretty color. I love Rub N Buff!

  8. It turned out so cute Cindy, and I love the soft pastel pink color you chose!

  9. Cindy I love that you chose pink! You sure outdid yourself she is a beauty! I also love your daughter’s art...she is so talented!!!
    Kelly @thetatteredpew

    1. Thanks Kelly, it was a fun change! I'll pass your compliment on to Abby 😉

  10. The color that you painted the table is absolutely gorgeous! I grew up in a house where the walls in the living and dining rooms were about that same color. I always loved them! And tell your daughter that here hydrangea drawing is so pretty!

    1. That's so cool Jane! I'll let Abby know you like her artwork!


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