Easy Loop Yarn DIY Pumpkin

How to make a soft and fluffy pumpkin from loop yarn. No glue required! This might be the easiest pumpkin tutorial I've ever shared!

This loopy yarn pumpkin is the perfect shade of pumpkin spice and it pairs wonderfully with all the colors of the season! Plus it takes about 10 minutes to make so this is an Autumn DIY that's easy on the wallet as well as your time!

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Hey friend, I hope you've been enjoying some cool, Fall-like weather! I'm a day late sharing this pumpkin tutorial. Mr DIY and I drove our daughter Abby up to Memphis, TN to do some college tours over the long weekend. Our son and his girlfriend live there, so we had lots of good family time. AND, it was perfect sweater weather, which was great for all the walking we did!

We're back home in Texas now and getting caught up on all the things. I wasn't even going to share this pumpkin DIY because it's so easy, but I have to remind myself that not all crafts are as easy for others as they are for me! When I spotted this pumpkin spice colored loop yarn, I knew it would make an adorable pumpkin!

I'm no stranger to cozy DIY pumpkins! My sweater sleeve pumpkins are one of the top viewed posts and this year I also made a crochet chain pumpkin for those who don't crochet! Check them out and then come back and see how to make a loopy yarn pumpkin, maybe the cutest DIY pumpkin yet!

The best part is there's no messy glue! And, if you tend to be a little commitment-phobic with your seasonal decorations like I am, you'll be able to easily take this pumpkin apart to make something else next year - I'm planning on making a wreath!

So let's get started and I'll show you just how easy it is to make this DIY loopy yarn pumpkin!

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Easy loop yarn DIY pumpkin

I love that this easy craft only requires 4 simple and inexpensive supplies!

Supplies needed

A couple notes on the supplies: I reused some pumpkins that I purchased a previous year from both Dollar Tree and Walmart - both pumpkins I used were a medium size. I was able to use one skein of yarn for each pumpkin without cutting the yarn at all. If you choose to do this craft with a smaller or larger pumpkin, just keep in mind you may need less or more yarn. The yarn I purchased came in a set of 2 skeins and there are lots of color options.

Also: once the loop yarn is attached to your pumpkin, the finished pumpkin will be a lot larger! I found the plastic stem that came with it was way too small, so went out into my backyard and picked up a couple of taller, thicker sticks (about 1" in diameter) to replace the stem.

If you've never seen loop yarn before, it's a yarn made with loops so you can easily finger knit blankets, scarves and even sweaters! But I'm using it in a completely different way than it was intended because I just thought a loops yarn pumpkin would be a great idea!

Making a loop yarn pumpkin couldn't be simpler! First, remove the plastic stem and replace it with a stick. We're not going to leave the stick in there while securing the yarn, but you do want to poke it into the pumpkin to make sure it's a snug fit.

Unravel the loop yarn and find one end. Tuck that end into the hole where the pumpkin stem was. Use a straight pin to secure the yarn. For the purposes of this tutorial, I used a pin with a green tip (see picture below). But I like the plain ones so you don't see the pins.

Start wrapping the yarn around the top of the pumpkin, making sure all loops are on the outside. Secure with pins where needed.

Once you get going and you're working more on the body of the pumpkin, you don't need as many pins. Keep the rows of yarn tight to hide the pumpkin and to make it extra full and fluffy!

And that's all there is to making a loop yarn pumpkin! Just keep wrapping the yarn around the pumpkin and pinning in place where needed. I continued all the way around the bottom so my entire pumpkin was covered in loopy yarn.

I did have a little yarn left once my pumpkin was wrapped, and instead of cutting it, I just rewrapped a few sections to use all the yarn. Remember, I plan to make a loop yarn wreath next Fall so I wanted to keep my yarn ball intact!

Once you're finished pinning the yarn to the pumpkin, go ahead and insert your stick stem. Give the pumpkin a little fluff and display it!

I was so proud of how this DIY pumpkin turned out and had so much fun taking pictures of it. Then my son walks by, touches it and says, "Looks like a brain!". Womp womp...can always count on the guys in my life to keep me humble, LOL! He's also a Science major, so... 😉

I think my pumpkin spice loopy yarn pumpkin looks fabulous and unique! In fact, I searched Google and didn't find anything like this so maybe I'm a Fall pumpkin making trend setter?!

I grabbed some dried leaves, one of my Free Fall printables and styled the DIY pumpkins on this crackle wood beaded tray that I just made...watch for that tutorial coming soon!

It's pretty amazing how BIG these pumpkins get with the addition of the loop yarn! This yarn is super thick and chunky and so soft!

Millie wasn't quite sure what to make of it...the pumpkin is almost as big as she is!

loopy yarn pumpkins on coffee table with beaded tray, burlap roses and Fall pillows

Fall vignette on beaded tray with loopy yarn DIY pumpkin, wood pumpkin, burlap roses and leaf

I hope you love this Autumn pumpkin DIY as much as I do! Have you ever crafted with loop yarn before? I'd love to hear about it! 

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Fall beaded tray with DIY pumpkin spice colored loop yard pumpkin, wood pumpkin, burlap roses and dried leav

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  1. I made this earlier today and couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out! The pumpkin spice color of the yarn is perfect, too!

    1. Yay, thanks for letting me know! It's such an easy pumpkin to make, and I love the yarn color!


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