Starbucks "Coldbuster" Tea Copycat Recipe

This easy Starbucks copycat tea recipe is a wonderful way to soothe sore throats and open sinuses! Make a cup anytime you're feeling under the weather
mug with teabags, lemon and honey

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Our Christmas looked a little different this year.

Like half the world it seems, our family wound up with Covid and spent the holidays social distancing together on the sofa, playing 'pass the tissue' and 'have you seen the Nyquil?'

Not exactly the fun family holiday time I had in mind.

But we were together.

It always fills up my heart when all our kids are home and the family is whole. Our son Braden and his girlfriend live in Memphis, and while our son was able to come home, his girlfriend couldn't join us this year (and in hindsight that was probably a good thing!).

But, she sent some wonderful and thoughtful handmade gifts for the whole family! The guys got home smoked jerky as well as spicy garlic honey, and the girls received handmade body gifts (lip balm and lotion bars and hand sanitizer all made with essential oils), as well as little jars of tea bags and this Coldbuster recipe. Which ended up being the perfect gift for all the sickies!

teabags in jar

Even though we're mostly better, I still can't enjoy my morning coffee because it just doesn't taste right. So, tea has become the drink of choice, and I've been making a lot of coldbusters! If you've never heard of a Starbucks ColdBuster, that's because it's one of the drinks on their secret menu! You can see their original The Coldbuster or "The Medicine Ball" tea recipe here.

It is cold and flu season, so tuck this recipe into your arsenal for when you need it! You'll be able to find a printable recipe below.

I had never thought of combining teabags together in one drink before, and maybe you haven't either. It's a great way to create a unique taste, and enjoy all the healthy benefits that tea gives. Plus, honey and lemon are both soothing to sore throats, body aches and anytime you don't feel well.

You don't even have to leave your home to purchase the ingredients either, just order online and have your grocery store deliver right to your doorstep! Or if your store is out, you can always shop Amazon, I've included these links below for your convenience.

Here's how to make Starbucks Coldbuster copycat hot tea

You'll need the following ingredients for each mug of tea:

1 tea bag of Teavana Jade Citrus Mint*
1-2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
honey to taste

* if you prefer Tazo tea, use the Refresh Mint and Calm Chamomile flavors

Heat water and brew both tea bags in a single mug of hot water. Add lemon and honey to taste.

lemons, jar of honey and mug of tea

That's it! A soothing way to enjoy a hot drink when you're not feeling well, the hot tea and lemon will help to open up your sinuses so you can breathe easier.

drizzling honey from jar

If you're currently under the weather, I hope this tea recipe goes a long way to making you feel better! Or make up a quick care package for a friend who's sick. Include a mug, loaf of crusty bread and a jar of homemade chicken noodle soup.

Click here for a printable recipe

If you don't like these flavors, experiment with other herbal flavors like raspberry/peppermint or lemon/ginger or peppermint/orange. 

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cup of tea with lemon and honey

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