The Easiest Wood Bead Heart DIY

A step by step tutorial showing you how to make hearts from wood beads. This is an easy DIY that takes just a few minutes! 

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Happy Valentines Day! Oops, I am actually a day late! I don't know how I didn't realize that when I scheduled this post! Oh well, this is a good tutorial to have no matter what day of the year it is 💗

I wanted to make a few wood bead hearts this year, and couldn't find a tutorial that really broke down the steps, so I decided to make my own! I made three wood bead hearts in about 30 minutes and they were so much easier and faster than I expected! And turned out so cute!

The easiest way to make a wood bead heart

I know that many of you don't consider yourselves to be crafters. You love seeing others make things, but you don't think you can do it yourself. That's why I love showing you step-by-step how to make something pretty for your home!

This tutorial is easy! You can do it, I promise! And I'm here to show you how. Let's get started.


*Note: If you can't find the wired jute at Dollar Tree, this one from Amazon would also work

** A word on the wire: I'm not sure of the gauge of the wired jute (it wasn't listed on the packaging) but it is the best gauge for this craft because the wire is bendable while still being sturdy enough the keep the heart shape after the wood beads are added

Step One - sort wood beads

I keep my wood beads in a large mason jar, so I took some time to pull out beads that were the same size, and a few in a smaller size. I wanted to make sure I had enough. My 5"-ish wood bead hearts took approximately 28 wood beads to make. Obviously the larger your wood beads, you won't need as many; however, unless you're planning to make a really large heart, I would suggest using beads that are about 1/2" or smaller for the best results.

Step Two - Cut wire and shape heart

Next, I used the wired jute to form a heart shape to determine how much I would need, and then I cut the wire.

The jute part won't fit through the small holes of my smaller wood beads (it might if you're making a large heart with large wood beads), but it's easy to slide the jute off, leaving the bare wire.

You can see below how I created a loose heart shape, with the open ends of the wire at the bottom of the heart.

Step Three - Slide wood beads onto wired heart

Now you simply add wood beads from the bottom until the heart is full. I did it one side at a time.

Tip: try to get one heart in the very middle where the wire bends, for less visible wire once the heart is closed up.

Step Four - Close heart

Once the heart is full of beads, to close it you simply bend the wire at the bottom so its straight down and then twist the two wires together with needle nose pliers. You can use regular pliers but they're much thicker and you may not get a tight fit.

I found that the excess wire popped right off after I twisted long enough. You will find that the longer you twist, the tighter your bead heart gets. It really secures the wood beads nicely.

And that's all it takes to simple wood bead hearts in a matter of minutes! The shape of the hearts can still be slightly manipulated but they are sturdy and easily keep their shape. I added the beaded hearts to my neutral winter Valentines mantel.

You can alternate the size of wood beads on the heart if you want, or keep them all the same size.

I hope you enjoy making your own wood bead hearts! They're a cute way to dress up your home anytime of the year, not just around Valentines Day!

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  1. I recently got into wooden beads. I am starting with 10 mm size. I like the idea. I guess you can even paint them red or pink to add color, but then it would be more time needed to complete it, but it is an idea.

    1. Yes it's fun to customize them to whatever color you like!


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