The Best Tips for Growing African Violets

Are you a fan of cheery little violets and wondering how to keep them looking their best and encouraging those pretty blooms on repeat? Keep reading for my best houseplant tips!

African violet in terra cotta pot with purple blooms
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I love plants and filling my home with live plants. They're not only beautiful to look at, they're good for you and the air inside your house! 

Houseplants improve the indoor air quality by converting the carbon dioxide we breathe out into fresh oxygen and increasing the humidity in your home. They can even remove toxins from the air! In Texas the majority of our houseplants lived in our bright and sunny sunroom, but here in Mississippi I've tucked plants into nearly every room in our home! We have an open floor plan, with lots of windows that enjoy daily light and I'm happy to say that all our plants are thriving. In fact, the week that we moved into this home, one of my violets bloomed (this is after spending time in a dark moving truck, making the trek from TX!).

African violets are definitely up there as one of my very favorite houseplants. The soft leaves and pretty flowers can brighten any corner of your home. Some years ago, I unlocked the secret to growing these little beauties and encouraging them to thrive and bloom repeatedly.

basket of English ivy, blooming African violet in pot

These secrets are really not secrets at all, just two very simple tips and they have to do with light and water. To read the specifics, please visit my original post How to Grow African Violets and Encourage Blooms.

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