How to Make Spindles Chippy with Chalk Paint

True vintage chippy items can be difficut to find and are often quite expensive! Check out this easy method to make your own chippy spindles as well as ideas for decorating with them.

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Do you find it ironic that all the old, chippy and worn items (that our grandparents and even our parents saw as trash) are some of the most sought after items in home decor these days?

It's usually the chippy white pieces that sell for top dollar at flea markets and barn sales. I love to come up with inexpensive ways to get a certain look, and when I purchased an old kitchen table and chairs set, I knew the chairs would be great candidates for my chippy white paint technique!

You can find spindles on old chairs, tables, even old cribs (many times at the curb)! It's easy to cut off the legs from these pieces and transform them into chippy vintage-looking decor, even if they're new!

I have a simple, 3-step method to turn those old and worn spindles into chippy white treasures using one of my all-time favorite products - white chalk paint!

If you'd like the full, step by step tutorial to create chippy spindles with chalk paint, please head to this post  Chippy White Spindles in Minutes. You'll also find some creative ideas for how to decorate with chippy spindles in your home like these!

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