The Secret to a Perfect Painted Fireplace

White chalk paint is brushed on to update a dingy and dirty brick fireplace and lighten and modernize the whole room!
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When we moved into our Texas home in 2016, we were awed by the large double-sided fireplace that connected our living room and sunroom. What I wasn't awed by however, was how dark, dirty and dingy the brick looked on the living room side.

I knew it would be beautiful and brighten the overall feel of the room if I painted the fireplace white. But the family said no.

But it looked SO bad, and one day while trying to clean it, I decided to just see what it would look like with a little white paint on it. So armed with a solo cup and a little  white chalk paint, I set out to experiment on my brick fireplace. I came up with a method that I think is foolproof for anyone looking to update and modernize their brick or stone fireplace!

The rest, as they say, is history! It turned out amazing, everyone loved it and it became a showstopper in our home! So many of you have followed my tips and shared your beautiful painted fireplaces with me.

If you're someone who is longing for an updated stone or brick fireplace but is afraid to do it, I hope you'll visit my step by step tutorial at  Using Chalk Paint to Update a Brick Fireplace. You can read my tips and tricks for getting the best results, plus you can see the before and after images from several of my viewers who followed my not-so-secret tips and ended up with fireplaces that they love!

I hope to see you there! Make sure you leave a comment and tell me where you're from and what your fireplace issues are! I hope I can help.

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