Anthropologie Textured Pot Dupe for Under $5

How to make your own Anthro textured cement pot dupe with supplies from the dollar store, for under $5!

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Hey there, welcome! It's time for Thrifty Style Team, hosted by Julie at Redhead Can Decorate. I know you're going to love all the thrifty goodness we're sharing! If you love bargain decorating and making your home look fab on a budget, keep reading my friend! The TST girls never disappoint!

I absolutely get such a thrill when I can recreate something that's trending online, but do it on a dime! The Anthropologie  Minka textured pot has been hugely popular this season and all over Instagram (you can follow my IG page here). If you're a fan of Anthropologie products but not the price tag, you are going to love this easy dupe that looks almost identical to the real deal!

Update: I remade this pot using clay and it turned out just like the original! Check out my video tutorial HERE!

The original vase is cement and I thought it would be fun to make my own version with clay. But, then I was in Dollar Tree and spotted this package of faux pearl beads. I got the largest size, 40 per package. DT was out of their large vases, but I found one in the right shape at a local thrift store for under $2. The dollar store is always spotty, so I'm including Amazon links below for your convenience! My suggestion is to make a few with a friend and split the cost 😉 Using the beads saved me a lot of time! Now that it's finished, I can't imagine making 80 small clay balls! What was I thinking?

Here's what you'll need to recreate this popular Anthropologie vase for less than $5!


How to make an Anthro textured vase dupe

You should be able to make this textured vase in about an hour. This is using the heat gun to speed up dry time of the paint. If you let the paint dry on it's own, plan to double the time.

I was able to make my vase for under $4. I purchased 2 packages of the DT beads, and the glass vase. I already had the paint and other supplies at home.

Of course! Use your imagination! I know there are other versions of this dupe on the web, I saw someone use the flat glass marbles for the bumps. This would be more cost effective if you couldn't find the DT pearl beads.

Let's get right to it! I can't wait to show you how easy it is to make this Anthro textured pot dupe!

Step One - Glue beads
Make sure that your vase is nice and clean and dry. Heat up your glue gun. I did a combo of glue because I wanted the quick setting power of hot glue combined with the staying power of a glass adhesive. I put a small dab of the adhesive onto a bead first, and then a larger dab of hot glue. I made sure to hold each bead to the vase for about 10 seconds until the hot glue set.

The original vase has vertical rows of bumps, but if you look closely, they're not perfectly aligned or uniform. There's a natural, handmade look to it, so do not stress about lining up the beads perfectly! This is one of those projects when imperfect actually looks better.

I found it easiest to work in vertical rows, and then I went back and filled in a few sections that looked too bare.

Just work your way around the vase until it's filled in to your satisfaction. As you can see, the clear vase just looks really weird! We need to cover the glass with paint to really match this dupe!

Step Two - Make textured paint
Mix up some textured paint in a disposable bowl. I like to use baking powder, but you can use baking soda too. If you don't want a heavily textured vase, put the baking powder through a sieve to remove any hard lumps. I didn't do this, and I think it helped to add more bumpy texture to my vase, but it's up to you.

Tip: to make this project go even faster, you can use a matte spray paint (I recommend this matte white spray paint and this cream color). To add texture, dab a bit of scrunched up tin foil onto the paint while it's still wet. You'll need to do a couple of coats until the jar is covered completely.

Step Three - Paint vase and beads
I used a cheap foam brush and dabbed the paint onto the bead covered vase. The foam brush is perfect because you can squeeze it into all the spaces around the beads, covering all the glass quite easily. Don't forget to paint the inside lip of the vase too!

I did two coats, speeding up the drying time with my heat gun.

Step Four - Protect with a topcoat
When the paint is dry, spray a couple light coats of a matte sealer to seal the paint. This will also help the texture to stay put. Using the matte finish ensures the vase keeps its handmade, cement-like look and texture. 

I've got this vase in my office, a room in our new rental home that I haven't shared with you yet! This cozy little reading corner is the perfect spot to plan my future blog posts, catch up on social or read a book! 

Just look at that texture on my Anthro pot dupe, isn't it marvelous?  

I absolutely love the texture of this DIY vase, and it pairs so nicely with my rope and lace DIY pumpkin, doesn't it?

As always, please let me know if you're inspired to make this project at home! And make sure to send me a pic! I'd love to share your project in my weekly newsletter.

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  1. This vase looks AMAZING! I love the texture and how you used the pearl beads! So clever and creative! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Cindy!

  2. Cindy, now this is a clever one!!! Really cute dupe!!

    1. Thank you Jen, really happy with how this turned out!

  3. Cindy - we love a great dupe project, and you did not disappoint! Your Minka vase is beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Now that is a cool vase! Lovely project.

  5. Cindy! Goodness gracious I love this DIY! So simple and so cheap. You were so smart to use the pearls/beads. It seriously looks like the original one. pinned!

  6. This looks like it is right out of a magazine! So beautiful, Cindy!!

  7. Seriously amazing dupe, Cindy!! So clever and turned out gorgeous. xoxo, kristi

  8. Cindy! Oh my absolutely nailed the look of the Anthropologie original but I actually like yours more. xoxo


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