Creative Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Creative gift wrap ideas using items you already have around the house to make your Christmas gifts look adorable and special!

Updated 12-22

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For me, the joy is in the details...adding the finishing touches to my holiday decorated home, baking gingerbread and our family's favorite treats...and making a gift extra special with pretty trims.

I used to hate wrapping gifts...I was that person who bought gifts all year long, but waited until Christmas Eve to wrap gifts. It took forever and leaving it until the last minute was so stressful! Can you relate?

Wrap as you buy

Now, I try to wrap as I buy! That way, not only does it relieve the stress of wrapping so many gifts, but once they're wrapped, I tend to forget what's it's a surprise for both me and the recipient, LOL!

My Christmas gift wrap ideas utilize many items you probably already have in your home, especially if you enjoy baking and crafting! Things like ribbon, cookie cutters, cute Christmas tea towels, and even dried orange slices can be used to enhance gift wrap.

This guide will demonstrate many of these items in action as I share tips to use household items to create unique and decorative gift wrap and embellishments that your recipients will be thrilled to receive!

Gift wrapping tips

Before we jump into the gift wrap ideas, here are a couple of my best tips as you think about wrapping Christmas gifts this year:
  1. Purchase gift wrap that coordinates with your Christmas tree and decorations so your whole home has a cohesive look!
  2. Think about items you already own that you can use as creative gift toppers
  3. Save and reuse cardboard containers (coffee, oats, Pringles containers can all be cleaned and recycled as Christmas gift containers!)
  4. Purchase ribbon on clearance and use it for your gift wrapping!
  5. Make gingerbread or cinnamon salt dough ornaments and use on top of gifts!

11 Creative Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift Wrap Idea #1: Wrap a gift with a tea towel

This is an especially meaningful way to wrap a gift for someone who loves spending time in the kitchen! I repurposed an empty cardboard coffee canister for this gift (when you're reusing food containers, make sure to carefully clean them prior to repurposing).

I recommend a large, thin tea towel to use as gift wrap (a thicker towel will be too bulky). Center the canister in the towel and pull the edges up tightly. Secure top with a rubber band. Now you can decorate with ribbon, a cookie cutter, or even a gingerbread man! The gingerbread man I used here was made from air dry clay and then painted (see more details here). The cute cookie cutter shaped like an ornament is from Amazon. I wrapped it with red and white bakers twine and it's cute enough to hang on the tree!

A piece of green velvet ribbon adds a little decadence to this gift, and I tucked in a mini wooden spoon to emphasize the baking theme.


Gift Wrap Idea #2: Use gingerbread on gifts

The smell of gingerbread is just heavenly, and will make your home smell like Christmas! If you use inedible dough like my cinnamon salt dough, you'll have gingerbread ornaments that can last for years! If you're using edible gingerbread, I would recommend not adding them to the gifts until Christmas Eve! That way, they can still be enjoyed and aren't dried out! You can wrap the gifts and even tie ribbon on in advance. Adding the gingerbread is easy.

These gingerbread houses were cut out by hand and I used Royal Icing for the details. If you're making non-edible gingerbread decorations, you can use a white paint pen or puffy paint for the details.

These gingerbread ornaments smell SO good, I was tempted to take a big bite! 

Designer tip: You could bake cookie monograms with the initial of the recipient to make it more fun!

Gift Wrap Idea #3: Chicken Wire

See the chicken wire ribbon on this package? I bought it earlier this year, having NO idea what I'd do with it.

It adds some fun texture to this plaid-wrapped package. There's even a bow, which was easy to make by just bending the chicken wire ribbon and securing it in the middle!

I added a tiny paper Christmas wreath (a garland from Target Dollar Spot that I re-wrapped into a wreath) with some red the last minute I tucked some of the striped ribbon under the chicken wire so it was more visible.

Gift Wrap Idea #4: Scrapbook Paper

I love using scrapbook paper to wrap small boxes, like the kind that jewelry comes in, or even a book. One 12x12 sheet is enough, and you can find such pretty scrapbook papers at the craft store for under $1 each. Just be sure to buy regular paper and not cardstock, which is a little more difficult to work with.

This sweet wrapping paper covered in vintage angels and Christmas songs, was perfect for a tiny wrapped package. Because the paper pattern is very busy, I embellished it with a simple blue ribbon that matches the paper.
So cute right? I made sure to tie the bow in the corner of the package so it wasn't covering the image.

Gift Wrap Idea #5: Dried Orange Slices

Dried orange slices are so easy to make, and they make wonderful holiday embellishments! I'm using them on my mantel and dining room this year, but they also look beautiful on packages.

How to dry orange slices:

  • cut off ends, then slice orange into thin slices
  • pat both sides of slices to remove moisture
  • lay oranges on a paper towel lined baking sheet
  • bake at 200° for 4-5 hours, flipping them over every hour, until dry
I used green baking twine and a needle to poke the thread through the orange. I added a rusty jingle bell and a little faux cedar, then tied it onto my package. Simple and sweet but so pretty!

Gift Wrap Idea #6: Cookie Cutter and Homespun

Remember that tea towel wrapped gift idea above? I'm piggy backing off that one and demonstrating another way to use an ornament on a gift package. I wrapped a strip of homespun fabric* around the package, then tied on the cookie cutter ornament, a rusty jingle bell and a little bit of cedar that I clipped off a garland.

*Homespun fabric is very inexpensive and wonderful to use to wrap packages or rip into strips that you can use as ribbon. It adds a very homemade, nostalgic feel to crafts or decor.

Gift Wrap Idea #7: Fabric Ribbon

So I'm the girl who has bins full of ribbon, a ribbon for every occasion. But what if you don't? At this time of year, ribbon spools can be pricey. My tip is to purchase fabrics that you love and tear them into strips! Using fabric strips in place of ribbon is an affordable way to decorate a Christmas package without spending big bucks!

Tearing this red ticking strip fabric produces strips that are even and have the perfect frayed edges! Doesn't it look just like ribbon?

Gift Wrap Idea #8: Embellish Store-Bought Gift Tags

Sometimes you find something really cute at a great price (hello Target dollar spot), but it may not be exactly right. These snow globe shaped gift tags are a great size for a package, they just needed a little something.

I brushed on a little Mod Podge and then sprinkled them with chunky glass glitter. Once they were dried, they made really pretty and sparkly package toppers and a great embellishment for any gift wrap! I added a little berry stem as well as a sprig of Christmas greenery.

Gift Wrap Idea #9: Felt Mitten Embellishment

One of the reasons that I love to wrap the majority of my Christmas gifts with red and white gift wrap is because it just looks so festive with any embellishments I choose.

To this fabric ribbon wrapped package, I just added one of the little felt mittens that I recently crafted. This mitten has a little bit of sparkle from some of that glass glitter I used on the snow globes!

If you need a little more color, why not tuck in a little strip of vintage buttons?

Gift Wrap Idea #10: Ticking Stripe Candy Cane

I made a bunch of these chunky ticking striped candy canes this year, and am using them all over my home. Want to see how I made them? Check out this video. There's even an option to make them look a little bit primitive using cinnamon.

A single ticking striped candy cane, tied onto a package with a strip of homespun fabric, makes a charming wrapped gift, and the candy cane is a gift in itself!

Gift Wrap Idea #11: Vintage Wrapped Gift

If your recipient loves vintage style, here are a couple ways to wrap their package that they're sure to love! Use a vintage style wrapping paper, and embellish the package with holiday vintage style printables and even a mini vintage Santa mug!
The free Santa printable is from The Graphics Fairy, and the vintage skates printable is from a set of 5 vintage labels I purchased from Etsy for just a couple of bucks. I cut out the Santa trimming the tree and cut around it with pinking shears so it resembles a large stamp.

I couldn't resist hanging a mini vintage Santa mug onto this charming vintage inspired package. Wouldn't you love to receive this during the holidays?

I hope you've been inspired to see how to use everyday items to decorate your Christmas packages and wrap your gifts creatively!

Got any creative gift wrap ideas of your own? Share them below in the comments!

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  1. I love this. I'm looking at different ideas to create a Christmas present topiary. I've got some cute ideas from this.

  2. These are just beautiful! I am doing a really neutral look this year and trying to keep things simple, but this makes me miss all the red and details of lots of ribbon. Love it all! Thanks so much for hopping with me!

  3. These are so wonderful, Cindy! Wrapped presents are decor in and of themselves! I especially love the chicken wire ribbon, it's so unique. Thanks for the great ideas! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  4. Cindy - you've done it again! Love your creativity and farmhouse charm. The chicken wire ribbon and those adorable gingerbread tags are just too much! We are making gingerbread this week - we hope ours turn out 10% as well as yours did LOL. Have a fabulous holiday season!

    1. Aw, Vicky you just made my day! Thank you so much! Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with blessings!

  5. I totally love the mix of colors and patterns! And that chicken wire ribbon! Gaaah! HOW CUTE! It's a home run, my friend. Truly fun and festive wrapping ideas. Thanks for hopping with us. Happy Holidays to you and yours! XOXO ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. Thanks Susie, you are so sweet! Happy Thanksgiving! xx

  6. The gingerbread tags are so cute! What a great idea :) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week and Christmas season!

  7. Hey Cindy, so many great ideas! Love the cookie (of course!) but also that chicken wire ribbon! And like you, I troll the aisles after Christmas for ribbon and wrap. Lately, I've been all about Marshalls for great ribbon!

    1. Lynne, I love Marshalls too for ribbon... and so much else! Happy holidays!

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    1. Thank you Crystal, always happy to inspire! I loved your gift wrap ideas!

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