How to Make Chenille Hearts Bowl Filler

How to turn vintage chenille fabric into stuffed hearts for charming DIY bowl filler this Valentines Day. No-sew method included!

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Is there anything more charming than chenille? I love the variety of patterns, the bumps and fluffiness, and the softness! I have several vintage chenille bedspreads and they add cottagecore charm wherever they're used!


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Vintage Chenille

When my daughter was much younger, I purchased some vintage chenille cutter pieces from a seller on Etsy and created some darling items for her nursery, like the pillow below. I also make some adorable pink chenille pumpkins. Abby's 18 now, and outgrew pink a long time ago LOL. I have never been able to get rid of the extra pink chenille scraps!

I decided it was finally time to make something with the leftover chenille fabric, and because the large scraps were all pink, what better than some pink chenille stuffed hearts for Valentines Day?

How to Make Chenille Hearts

These chenille hearts are so easy to make, whether you use a sewing machine or fabric glue! The stuffed hearts look so cute tucked into a white dough bowl, basket or even an ironstone bowl!

Bowl filler is just that - decorative elements that enhance your home's decor!

You'll need just a few basic supplies to make these stuffed hearts. You can purchase vintage chenille cutter pieces on Etsy, but if you are unable to find any vintage chenille, a great alternative is minky fabric, which you can find at any fabric store like Hobby Lobby, or even on Amazon!


The steps to making these adorable heart bowl fillers are quite simple.

Step 1 

Trace the heart template onto the fabric with fabric marker and cut out with fabric scissors (these are my favorite pair and they're only about $8 on Amazon!)


Rather than marking my fabric, I chose to use the heart template as a pattern and pinned it onto the chenille fabric and then cut out the heart shapes. It's up to you which way you choose to do it!

Step 2

Once you have all the hearts cut out (remember, you'll need two pieces of fabric for each stuffed heart), pin two hearts together, right sides out.

Step 3

Sew hearts together using a sewing machine, or secure them with fabric glue (I recommend this quick seal fabric hot glue) but either way, be sure to leave a small 2-inch hole for stuffing.

You can see these steps in picture form below.

Step 4

Lightly stuff hearts with polyester fiberfill. Tip: you can use the pointed end of a paintbrush or even a pencil to move the stuffing into the corners and tip.

Step 5

Glue or sew the opening closed. Repeat these steps for the rest of your hearts.

I just made three hearts because mine are fairly big and three was perfect for my white dough bowl.


I paired these hearts with some dollar store wood hearts that I decorated (click HERE to see a quick video tutorial). I'm really feeling all the pink vibes this year for Valentines day! 

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  1. Love these! Now if I could only find some chenille or an old bedspread! pinned

    1. Thanks Cindy, check out Etsy, they have some great vintage cutter pieces!

  2. Oh Cindy - these pretty pink chenille hearts are just adorable! When I was a little girl, my mother had a gorgeous chenille bathrobe that looked like a gown. Wish I had that now. Thanks for sharing this sweet idea!

    1. They were so popular back in the day, I'm pretty sure my mom and grandma had them too! Sure wish we'd hung onto them ;)

  3. Cindy, you always make the prettiest crafts. This one is so sweet and delicate, perfect for Valentine's Day and beyond!

    1. Thank you Kim, I am happy I finally made something with that chenille!

  4. Haha I love that the patterns you used for cutting your fabric are so pretty too! Mine usually are grimy cardboard.
    What a lucky thing to have that pretty chenille laying around, I love how the pink hearts turned out.

    1. Thanks Marianne, it was great to finally use that pretty chenille and get it out of the cupboards!

  5. You did such a beautiful job. I love the fabric and they look so charming displayed in the dish.

  6. These are simply beautiful, Cindy! The chenille was the PERFECT fabric. I love that you held onto it for 18 years...that's totally something I would do. Have a happy Valentine's, friend! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Kristi, I probably hold onto too much stuff lol!

  7. Cindy, These are adorable! I love the texture the chenille adds. Pinned.

  8. These little chenille hearts turned out so cute, Cindy! Don't be surprised if your daughter starts to like pink comes back around 😀. My 23 year old and 20 year old both LOVE pink again! Totally pinning these babies!! Julie XO

  9. These are so pretty, Cindy! You have my pink loving, shabby chic adoring heart going pitter patter! xo

    1. Thanks so much Mary Beth 💕 so glad you like them!

  10. These are the sweetest hearts and such a great idea for use of the chenille. I love that it is no sew because that means even I can do it.

  11. You have just managed to morph me way back in time when we had a chenille bedspread while growing up. Now I want chenille hearts as bedspread keepsakes! These are so pretty!

  12. Cindy, your pink chenille hearts are so pretty! I am wishing I had hung onto my old bedspreads. I will be on the lookout for some! The texture is beautiful. Such a great idea!

    1. Thanks Lynne, I adore the texture of the vintage chenille!

  13. Cindy, these hearts are lovely! I have a thing for chenille, so I was instantly drawn to this craft. I don't blame you for holding onto the fabric scraps. What a perfect way to reuse them! Pinned :)

  14. That was my comment above (Rebecca of Zucchini Sisters)


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