How to Set a Spooky Table for Halloween

Really scary Halloween decorations freak me out! So I don't use them.

spooky table

Nope. My style is more cute Halloween.  This year I decided to go a teensy bit more creepy. Just a little. I wasn't about scaring little Diy after all :)

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I'll never forget her first trick-or-treating episode. Dressed up like the cutest little Cinderella you've ever seen. Dress too big and even after crafty-momma pinning and gathering it in the back, it was still falling off her tiny shoulders. Big blue eyes. Long blonde hair. Picture of innocence.

I took her to an area that was recommended by a friend, because it was so great. I should have checked into it a little more. So great for teenagers and kids who really wanted to be scared pantless! There were guys with chainsaws jumping off fences right into our path, guys with the most horrible masks you could dream up, popping from behind trees.

Yup, I scarred her for life.

So we go for cute Halloween decorating around our house.

This year I amped it up just a notch.

I used stuff I had around the house already.  I started with some chevron fabric that I'm hoarding saving for recovering some chair seats. I just ironed it and folded the edges under. My dropcloth runner went on top.

My large black lantern that was a clearance find at Marshalls a few years ago went right in the middle.  It's black and makes a big statement. I put a candle inside with a bit of black burlap wrapped around the base. You can find a similar lantern here.

spooky table

These great little busts that I bought from a thrift store years ago each got a little black vinyl embellishment to "spookify" them just a touch.  She got a string of pearls and I elevated her on this flower frog/candle thing I found. I like the patina with the black/cream theme that's going on.

spooky table

I hand cut a spider to sit on the girl's shoulder and the boy got some facial hair, lol!

spooky table

Next up was setting the table with these gorgeous ironstone plates I found at Goodwill. They are by JB Meakin and are not antique but I loved the octagon shape and at .59 and .99 cents, I wasn't about to pass them by!! And yes, I found a whole set - dinner plates, bowls and salad plates!

spooky table

Have you noticed what's on the hutch in the background??

Let's move up a little closer.

spooky potions diy

It's a vintage silver tray full of potions!! Little Diy and I had fun making these with food coloring and water. They say 'Poison', 'Danger' and 'Stay Away'.  See the murky one?? That's supposed to be eyeballs!! We drew black dots on marshmallows and stuck them in there, but they kind of globbed up. Oh well, it was fun to do :) I love doing projects together!

spooky diy potions

Okay, now brace yourself.  If you're really not into the creepy then you really won't like this part!
Mom Long, that means you!!

spooky family portrait

Isn't this fun?? I've been seeing all the Halloween stuff on PicMonkey and decided to try it out.  At first, little Diy really want to try it so we decided to do Vampires and we started on her. Until she got really scared when she saw herself with orange eyes and fangs and had to leave the room.

Luckily I was braver and stayed to finish the picture.  It was really fun to play around with and see the transformation. Mr. Diy could take on Edward any day :) Um yes, I did watch the entire Twilight series and {cough} read all the books too.  I do have a disclaimer: two brothers that we knew in Florida were cousins to Taylor Lautner so I thought it was my duty to check out the movie and see if he was any good...sadly I got sucked in like millions of other American women and the rest is history!

Anyway, I think we just might be the next American Vampire Family. What do you think?? Although I look pretty lame - I made my fangs too small and my eye smudges too dark, lol. But my boys look really handsome!

Haha, I just realized the reflection of the chevron tablecloth, as well as my purple shirt, are showing through the glass. I'm such an awesome photographer...NOT. Oh well. I'm done with this post and I'm not starting over.  I'm taking my daughter to the movies.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Fall Break, for those of you in the South and everyone else have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. That photo idea is fantastic! I may have to give that a try!

    1. You definitely should Amy, it is just frightfully awesome :) Ve vant to suck your blood...mwha ha ha ha!!!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I featured your wonderful project on homework. Thanks so much for sharing it on The Inspiration Board. Have a great weekend!

    homework &

  3. Just wanted to let you know that your tablescape is featured on my blog! Thanks so much for sharing at The Scoop! Hugs...Debbie

  4. So cute Cindy- cute and not too scary that is:) You totally had me at that black and white chevron!! I love how crisp it looks!! Thanks for sharing it this week at Work it Wednesday!!

    1. Aw, thanks so much for your sweet comments Krista!! I am such a sucker for chevron right now :) It goes with everything!!

  5. Ha Ha, your family vampire picture is awesome! What a creative idea :) Thank you so much for linking up with us at Get Your DIY on this past week! I hope you'll join us tomorrow for Spooky Outdoor Decor!

    Mandy @ The Hankful House Blog


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