Hutches Revealed and Button Swap

I love a good hutch and a great button swap {more on that below}

Painted Hutches

Anyone who knows me well, or who has been to my home knows that I love hutches and they play a big part in my decorating....because they are, well...big!  Kinda hard to hide a hutch!

But there is no way I would want to hide these beauties!  After all, I searched high and low to find them. Waited months for one of them. Scouring Craiglist ads day after day :)

Grey Hutch in Stenciled Room

A great find on Craigslist is just too good to pass up... and I've scored not once,

Shabby white French hutch redo

not twice.....

Country black hutch

But three times!! Total price paid for ALL three hutches......$275.00. Yup, you read that right!

Each of my hutches is unique and completely different.

One of these days I will tell you a little more about each of my hutches.... how they looked when I acquired them..... the work involved in getting them to where they are today (which did involve some additional expense)......

And how I use them in my home.

Because they aren't just beautiful pieces of furniture - they are functional too!

Okay, on to the button swap

I currently have 3 spaces in my sidebar - near the top - and I want to feature your button for free!! In exchange, I will swap my button to be featured in your sidebar, somewhere near the top :)

It would also be great if we agreed to follow each other {I am looking to grow my Pinterest followers} and I will follow you via the social media of your choosing. The button swap will begin on November 1 and run for one month. If you are interested in participating in this button swap, please contact me asap; the first three people who contact me will 'win' the spaces I have available. I will notify you if your button has been chosen so that we can exchange buttons. 

Please email me if you have any questions.

Until then,

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  1. Love these beauties!!! All are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these on DIY Sunday Showcase!


    I'm wanting to create a new button, let me work on this and I would love to button swap with you!

    1. Great Shelly, I will save you a spot! My spaces are 100x100. Thanks, looking forward to being 'button buddies' with you ;)


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