Blue Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath

Deco Mesh Blue for Christmas

Some things never change.

The fact that I like a hot cup of coffee with cream in the morning.

The fact that I always fold my towels in half first, and then into thirds.

The fact that I will probably always hate grocery shopping and often leave it until there's almost nothing left to eat in the house!

But something that I like to change frequently is my decor. I don't take it too seriously. I like what I like, and it doesn't matter if it "goes" or "matches".

So I'm sometimes a traditionalist and sometimes not when it comes to Christmas. Some years I like to decorate with a theme, other years I decorate more with neutrals; one year I bought all turquoise ornaments for my tree. Some years I'm entirely sentimental and it's not necessarily about what looks good, it's about what feels good.

This year my big tree is a happy melding of a little bit of everything... favorites mixed with new, mixed with old, sprinkled with some of the children's handiwork from years past. I guess I'm feeling a little nostalgic this year... my oldest son graduates this spring and will be leaving the nest... so I dug out some of his favorite ornaments from years past. Sadly, the little train, that was his dad's as a child, no longer choo choos (think that little button was pushed once too many times)... but it's still cute and so up it went. I hope it makes my son smile when he sees it, and remember all the happy times growing up in our family.

OK, enough of that...before I'm reduced to a sniveling mess...

So my decorating over Christmas just all depends on how creative I'm feeling and what inspires me on any given year!

When I saw this turquoise deco mesh, I thought it would make a terrific Christmas wreath. It's bright and sparkly and kind of shimmery.

I wove it around a wreath form. It looked kind of formal and stark so I decided to add some playfulness in the form of some polka-dotted burlap down in one corner as an accent. Next I added a spray of white and silver cotton balls. Then I remembered some small, burlap-covered birdhouses I had purchased last year. They've got a pretty script and glittered edges. I glued one on. And finally, I added a glittered gold bird to the roof of the birdhouse. There were a few holes in the wreath, so I tied black tulle in those spots to fill them in.

It's playful, colorful and just plain fun. I love it! It really adds an inviting pop of color to the white door!

What about you? Are you a red-and-green traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decorating or do you like to cross the line?

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