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Christmas Hope Burlap Banner

Hope Burlap Banner and a Little Girl Who Needs Hope

When I was deciding what to put on my burlap banners, these words naturally came to my mind....Hope, Joy and Peace.


For one thing, it's something I could use a LOT more of in my life, especially around the crazy holiday season!

But even more than that, it's a reminder to me of what Christ's birth brought to us...the Hope of life eternal, the Joy of having his presence in my everyday life, and the Peace that brings to me...especially when I am going through troubled times and am tempted to worry and not to trust.

So having these banners hanging in a prominent place in my home...or your home...can be a gentle reminder to focus on Him this holiday season, and not the chaos that can so quickly reign in our lives if we let it!

I sold my Hope banner this weekend to a lovely woman, who took the time to tell me the story of why she picked it out. It totally warmed my heart, as I'm sure it will warm yours.

A little girl who's family she is friends with, recently became very sick and had to be hospitalized. It turns out she has a brain tumor.

And her name is Hope.

I got chills as she was telling me this story because someone else almost bought the Hope banner earlier that day, but changed their mind and decided to buy the Peace one instead. So the Hope one was still hanging on the wall, waiting for this special lady to buy it for a special little hang in her hospital room and remind her that she has Hope for her future! Hope that the doctors will be able to help her, Hope in modern medicine...but even more than that, Hope in the One who has the power to heal her.

I ask that you pray for this precious little girl named Hope...that God does heal her and allow her to go home and enjoy Christmas with her family. A brain tumor is nothing to a God who has the power to create the universe!

And during the busy days ahead, it is my wish for you to have more Hope, Joy and Peace in your life!

I'll let you know how I made the burlap banners in the next few days.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a touching story behind your hope banner. I am sending armfulls of hope your way ... every bit counts this time of year xx

  2. Thank you so much Michelle! Your thoughtful comments mean so much :) Enjoy your holiday season!!

  3. I just discovered burlap, love your sweet banner, it makes me hopeful that I can craft on back and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas rather than craziness :) Michelle

    1. Yes, burlap is wonderful! Thanks for your sweet comments...'Hoping' to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas in my heart as well :)


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