DIY Christmas Burlap Banners - Peace and Joy

How to Make Layered Burlap or Drop Cloth Banners

This drop cloth banner is really easy to make. The thing I love about it is that it's sturdy, and easily stored so it can be pulled out whenever you want to display it.

Here's how to make it.

Find a font you love and print your letters right out onto dictionary or book pages. Yes, just feed them right into your printer. You can print your family name, a favorite phrase or word or whatever you choose.

Easy tutorial

Cut them into triangle shapes.

Layer and glue them onto card stock of your choice. Here I used a black/white stripe. For my Joy and Hope banners I used black cardstock.

Lay these pieces out onto a large piece of burlap or drop cloth, using them as a pattern, and cut your burlap/drop cloth out. Make sure to leave a border that will show. Glue them on.

Attach each banner piece onto a length of jute using glue.

That's it, you're done!

A simple craft that makes a BIG statement above your mantle or a large mirror!

Easy tutorial

This would be an easy but great idea for a family member's birthday celebration. You could do 'Happy Birthday' or their name to highlight that it is their special day. The possibilities are really endless.

And with the ability to store these banners flat, they virtually take up no room!

Are you inspired to make one..or three..??


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