Glittered Houses

Mini Houses with Glitter

Did you think this post was about MY house?? 

I will admit that parts of it have a rather large abundance of glitter on them right now...and that's not even the decorative parts!  It's time to, ahem, pull out the vacuum cleaner again! Such is life for the DIY-er. A house in constant need of cleaning :/

But no, this post is about the cutest decorative mini houses!

This idea was not my brain-child. I got the inspiration from Katie Watson's blog, She was making these amazing rooftops and I just had to make a few for myself.

If you're a paper-crafter, you have probably seen projects like this on websites like twopeasinabucket. And you probably know how to attach scrapbook paper to cardboard houses.

Because that's what these are...cardboard houses. You can find them at craft stores or online stores like Kaiser Craft Beyond the Page. It's not regular cardboard; it's really sturdy, and very finely formed, almost like a thin wood.

I decided to make a village...two houses is as far as I got because, to be honest, this is a TON of work!

You start by covering the sides of your house with decorative paper. To get the edges perfectly even, use sandpaper to sand the edges. Each side gets done. The windows on this house were a real pain! But they look fantastic! I attached waxed paper to the inside. The roof of this house comes right off so you can put lights or a battery-operated candle inside and the glow is so pretty!

The roof is done by cutting narrow strips of paper with a decorative paper edger. I chose to alternate music paper and green paper. Then each strip is glued down, one at a time, across the roof line, up and over the peaks. The next strip is overlapped so the edges aren't visible. Again, takes forever but looks amazing, right??

The front windows were given scallop shutters and a wreath in each window. And a few more decorative accesories were added, like the green velvet trim across the front, the star on the chimney, the plaque above the front door and the decorative paper around the base of the house.

And then...are you ready for it? As if that wasn't enough work? I pulled out the glitter and went to town. The entire roofline is edged in gold glitter, the chimney and the star.

The top of the chimney and the base of the house got a solid coat of clear German glass look like snow.

Here's the little cottage I made, in the same way.

I chose different colors of paper and used different glitter but the effect is the same.

This house has no significant openings, so there's no way to light it.

I don't know that I would ever have the patience to make these fact, I still have 2 or 3 "bare" houses sitting in my stash, waiting for their makeover.

I think I'll have to find some quicker way to make them pretty!

Any ideas?

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  1. Oh Cindy your little house is just adorable. It makes me want to get out the glitter and the scrapbook paper and craft!

  2. I know just what you mean!! That's how these houses came to be... I was inspired by someone else's creativity and just had to make my own :) Thank you for stopping by!!


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