Paper Loop Trees

How Many Different Christmas Trees Can I Come Up With??

Christmas trees are about as unique as people - no two are alike...and there are endless ways to make them!

You've probably seen these before...made with loops of ribbon.

I took it a step further and created them out of decorative paper. The idea behind it is that paper holds its shape better than ribbon so the loops stay nice and full looking with very little effort.

The trees are as unique as the paper chosen. The one above uses coordinating Christmas paper in blues, greens and reds. Double-sided paper is perfect because you get that little pop of color from inside the loops so there's no white showing.

I made this one for my daughter's room using shabby pinks and greens, again coordinating. It's best if you buy a pad of paper because they've already done the coordinating for you.

Here's how they're made.

Styrofoam cone
Straight pins
Paper, cut into strips (mine are 1" wide and about 4" long)

Cut all your strips out beforehand and lay them into piles according to pattern.
Starting at the bottom of your cone, fold a strip of paper (being careful not to bend at the fold). 
Pin it to the cone, I used 1 pin in each corner.

For the second and continuing rows, overlap the strips and offset them. This will hide the pins from the previous row and also provide a pleasing look. Continue in this way until you reach the top.

Embellish the top however you choose. I found some glittered birds that nestled really well. A big bow finished it off.

I also chose to add some buttons, mini balls and glitter to the edges of some of my loops. Totally optional of course.

Have fun with it and make it your own. My tiny, shabby one was "planted" in a mini clay pot that was painted white.

I hope you're not intimidated by this project. It's not difficult, although it is rather time-consuming! But if you are looking for a DIY project with big WOW factor, this is it. I've made and given away several of these over the years, and everyone loves them. 

Plus, they are easy to store. Just wrap them loosely in tissue or packing paper, lay them flat in a box and put them somewhere they'll be protected and they'll be good as new each year you pull them out.

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  1. I love your paper loop trees. I need to make one too.

  2. Oh I Love this idea! The variety of papers is so pretty on each of your trees. I think using the pins is brilliant! I am always burning my fingers with hot glue, so I will be using pins on styrofoam!!! Merry Christmas! Your lights at the top made me smile!


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