A Special Felt Heart (and Love Potion)

Inspired by Mama

Have you been following along with my Valentines projects and tutorials? I've already shared my Valentines Decor, my Love never fails Sign, showed you how to make a Mini Pallet Valentine Sign, and yesterday I shared with you my felt pillows.

Yesterday was also the day I felt like a total ROCK STAR....because the famous KariAnne (who by the way brought back the word 'rockstar' and made it cool again) of Thistlewood Farms left a comment on my Mini Pallet Valentine Sign post...really truly!! If you don't believe me, just head on over and check it out for yourself! And if you haven't been to KariAnne's blog yet, my oh my are you missing out! She is the funniest and most talented gal...her posts are a delight to read and her projects are a total inspiration! For instance, her Burlap Valentine Heart Pillow is true eye candy!  You should totally head over there...after you've finished reading my post....please :)

OK, back to my lil' 'ole post...what I didn't show you when I was sharing all my Valentines decor were the little bottles of  'Love Potion' that I made.

When Little Diy saw the felt pillows and the bottles of  'Love Potion', she fell in love and immediately wanted to make a set for herself. She came up with the great idea to make a tiny bottle of love potion into a necklace, which we did fairly easily.

These tiny glass bottles can be found at any craft store and come in a package with various sizes. Mine are Tim Holtz brand, found in the scrapbooking aisle. The 'potion' is mica flakes but you could use pink glitter as well.

Little Diy's favorite Pooh bear wearing the Love Potion

When it came to making the pillow, she asked if I would cut out the felt. Which I did.

Then she asked if I would mind stitching it up for her because she hasn't done too much hand sewing (actually, none - must correct that!). So I did.

She did stuff the pillow all by herself :)

Together, we came up with the brilliant idea of adding a little pocket on the front to store her tiny bottle of love potion.

She picked out the alternating color of felt and I stitched it on (before stitching the pillow closed).

So it was a team effort :)

We're both very happy with how the projects turned out.

I'm happy that I can still inspire my daughter :)

Have we inspired you?

Now don't forget...head on over to Thistlewood Farms and be prepared to spend awhile cruising KariAnne's amazing blog :) You can tell her I sent you :)

p.s. Do any techies out there know why all the "P"'s in my title all of a sudden look weird?? They're lighter than all the other letters? Not sure what to do...

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  1. Super cute !!


  2. Get Out! KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms left you a sweet comment! That is awesome!

    Your Valentine Projects are pretty spectacular! ;)

    Stay warm! ~ Ashley

    1. I know right, *squeal*. Thanks for popping by :) We are working on staying toasty!
      Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. The little love potion necklaces are so cute! I have actually picked up some of those little bottles. I love using them in my crafts. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Aren't the little bottles great, Jann...so many uses! Thanks for stopping by :)


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