DIY Felt Valentines Hearts

My Favorite Shape

I've always loved hearts.

They seem to be a shape I've been drawn to my whole life long.

Given the choice of an oval or heart-shaped locket for a graduation gift from my parents...I chose the heart.

For our first Christmas together as a married couple, I made ornaments for our tree...most of them were heart-shaped :) I even used a small piece of leftover material from the bridesmaid dresses to create one of the hearts.

I often sign my name by using a small heart to dot the "i".

So when I was shopping for items for my children's Valentine's baskets one year (yes, they don't just get chocolate!)...I spotted this little doll with a heart in her hands...and bought it for Little Diy.

I pulled it out to use for my decorating this year (because, sadly, Little Diy is more into Winnie the Pooh than cute little dolls these days)...

That felt heart she was holding was just so darn cute....

Looking at it, I knew it would be a simple process to make a few.

I pulled out my pink and cream felt, cut various sized heart shapes using pinking shears, and hand-stitched them with DMC floss.

Super simple. I made all three in about an hour.

I was so excited to make them, I forgot all about taking pictures of the process. But here are a few tips:

- To get a perfect heart shape, fold one piece of felt over like I did here. Cut out one heart and then trace it onto another piece and cut it out so you have two equal pieces. Pinking shears make a fun edge!
- Knot your floss. Holding your hearts together, pull the needle up from the bottom at the point at the bottom of the hearts. So your knot will be at the back and your needle with your thread will come up at that point.
- Use an upholstery needle (it's larger and easier to thread your floss). Plus it's longer and you make several running stitches before actually having to pull the needle completely through.
- Make big stitches. It makes it go quicker, lol!
- Stop stitching just after you come around the second bump at the top of the heart. Leave your needle hanging and start stuffing.
- You will need more batting than you think. Make sure to push it into the corners and even down to the bottom point; don't forget the center! When you stitch your heart closed, it should be good and full and you should have to hold it tightly with your other hand to keep it from popping open as you stitch.
- Finish stitching down to the bottom point, with your needle point down through your heart so your thread ends up on the backside. Make a couple tight knots and you are done.

If you really hate the thought of hand-stitching, or have no clue how to do this, just know that
 hot glue is always an option :)

Find a pretty spot to display them and give yourself a pat on the back. You now have adorable felt hearts to enjoy for years to come :)

I hope you'll join me for more Valentines tutorials in the days ahead. If you haven't checked out my Mini Pallet Valentine or my Valentines Projects or my Love Never Fails sign, you are missing out! I'd be honored if you'd sign up as a follower; you'll get my posts delivered to you when they are fresh! Just check out my sidebar for various ways to follow along :)

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Really cute project. I also love heart shaped items. I like to decorate for different holidays, but have little for Valentine's Day. I think I will do this with my niece. She is a budding seamstress! I am visiting from Coastal Home and am a new follower. I hope you have time to visit me at Still Woods Farmhouse. I am sharing a terrific Superbowl appetizer!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind comments!! I hope you enjoy doing this project with your niece :) I look forward to visiting Still Woods Farmhouse... it sounds idyllic :)


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