An Old Comforter Gets a New Life

Save an old comforter using this fabulous technique! Get all the instructions at diy beautify!

At our home, we like cozy!

Snuggling on the couch, blankets and throws, fuzzy bathrobes and thick soft socks.

And boy oh boy, have we needed them has been COLD!

Poor Little DIY...we have had to pile blanket after blanket on her bed to keep her warm at night. Her room is very chilly. When we repainted her room, her old quilt didn't match anymore. She's been using an old comforter of mine that I college!! I'm totally serious! While it is cozy, the outdated mini rosebud print didn't match anything in her room.

I had a plan...I wanted to find a flannel sheet and reuse the old comforter, sandwiching it between the flannel sheet and something on top.

When I found this XL Twin size super soft and fluffy blanket, at Target, I knew it was perfect. Can you believe the very same day I found a king size flannel sheet in turquoise too? I love when a project comes together!

Everything got washed and dried first.

Then I brought in two leaves to open up my dining table and got to work. The first step was laying the layers out on top of each other to see what needed to be trimmed off. I knew the king size sheet would need to be trimmed down for sure her bed is a twin. And I did need to trim the blanket down on one end a little.

Then it took my befuddled mind a little while to figure out how to sew this thing together, lol! I am a very amateur seamstress!! I knew I wanted to sew right sides together, and then turn it inside out. I finally decided to sew the sheet to the comforter and treat that as one piece. While it was opened on the table, I pinned it all the way around the edges so it wouldn't shift while I was sewing it. And then I sewed the sheet to the comforter, all the way around.

Next, I pinned the blanket on top of the sheet, right sides together, because I wanted those two to be showing when I turned it inside out. I left about a two foot gap along one edge for turning. And I sewed those together.

Once it was completely sewn, I clipped all my corners to remove the bulk, being careful not to cut into the seams.

Then I flipped it inside out, which was very easy to do because my hole was so large. I made sure my corners were nice and then I hand-sewed the gap closed.

Sandwich an old comforter between 2 new layers to get a new look for a thrifty price!

I am THRILLED with how it turned out!! It is heavy and soft and very, very warm and cozy!! And it was surprisingly easy to do. When Little DIY came home from school and saw it on her bed, she squealed and was so excited!! She hasn't needed any more blankets on her bed at night. This one is enough!!

Even Pooh approves of the better, softer, warmer one!!

I am so glad I could save money by reusing my old comforter and remaking it into a better one!! 

Do you want to know how much I spent on this project? Are you ready?.....

Sandwich an old comforter between 2 new, softer layers to create one heavy, warm comforter!

$27.00 !!

That's right, the flannel sheet from Goodwill was $3.99 (it would have been less but it was a king size...and now I have leftovers to make her a pillowcase)...
and the soft and cozy XL Twin blanket from Target was $22.99!

There is no way I could have bought a new comforter for her room for less than that. This was a thrifty project that is keeping my sweet girl warm and cozy on chilly winter nights! Plus it looks adorable in her room and she loves it. 

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  1. I think that is brilliant there's nothing like a warm, soft, cozy bed.

  2. That's my job for this weekend!! Yours is beautiful, wanna' come and do mine :^)
    The comforter we have keeps sliding off the bed, which makes the hubster irate....ooops.... I think I will go back to my school teacher days and put a flannel back on it! Then it will stick to the blanket like the figures on the old flannel boards!
    Give little DIY a big cozy hug when you pop her into her new nest!!

    1. Yes, you fly me down and I'll do it ;) LOL. The flannel backing should make a big difference on the sliding problem! Good luck with your project!

  3. Great idea and it looks cozy and warm. Thanks for sharing with this would (like to) be seamstress.

  4. Great job I think the room is now fit for a princess.

  5. Hi Cindy, this looks beautiful, I just have one question, "Does it bunch up when you wash it?" I'd LOVE to try this, but my comforters get pretty heavy use and require frequent laundering. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Hi Mindy, thanks for your sweet comments. There is no bunching when it's washed because the entire perimeter of all the layers have been sewn together. It washes beautifully and gets even softer each time I dry it!

    2. To be sure there's no bunching you could put a few large safety pins in it to hold everything in place. Shouldn't take too long to put in or remove them.

  6. Cindy, you did a great job. You called yourself an "amateur"sewer. But you must not be too new to sewing because you knew how to trim the corners before you turned the project right side out! Also, it CAN be tricky to sew and turn 3 layers. I once did a smallish quilt and after the first try, the batting was on the outside of the thing: after ripping that seam I now think through it before I sew!

    1. Oh Neva, if you only knew the number of projects I've messed up because I didn't think it through before hand! I've learned from my mistakes over the years, and really didn't want to mess up this project! Thanks so much for your visit and comments!

  7. It’s lovely and, for a super frugal option, someone might choose to just use two thrift shop flannel sheets instead! A perfect fit for our budget these days. :).

  8. Thank you and yes, that would be a great option!


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