Easter Tree with Chalk Painted Eggs

Turn bright plastic eggs into look-alike robin's eggs with a little chalk paint and then hang them on branches to create an Easter tree!

Easter Tree with Chalk Painted Eggs

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This project is a total copy cat!

What?!? You thought all my projects were originals? Ha! That's why I follow so many blogs myself and am active on Pinterest. The inspiration (and motivation) provides endless boosts to my own creativity!

I was seeing a lot of faux Easter trees made by using branches. You know, the ones you can find in your yard. For nothing!

And it so happened that last winter when Mr. DIY trimmed our trees, I was in the garage spraying a handful of branches white. Those white branches have spent the better part of a year holding their own in a pretty vase in my piano room. So I was totally inspired to use them to create my own Easter tree!

Easter Tree with Chalk Painted Eggs

I already had an urn. I found that at Goodwill a few weeks ago. It's a nice heavy one. I put a flower frog inside it and poked the branches down into it so they would be held in place. So far so good. All the branches I used are thin and kind of wispy, but you can use whatever you have on hand!

Easter Tree with Chalk Painted Eggs

I had leftover moss from when I made my Flower Pot Wreath, so I tucked some of that around the base of the branches. Looking even better. This is almost too easy! Make sure you check out my new DIY wreath with painted and aged flower pots! It's my new favorite Spring DIY and was also created on a slim budget!

Easter Tree with Chalk Painted Eggs

The last thing to bring my Easter tree to life was robin's eggs! Faux ones.

Easter Tree with Chalk Painted Eggs

I had some small plastic Easter eggs (you know, the kind that open up and hold a treat). I decided to paint them with chalk paint just to see how they'd look. I mixed up a pale blue batch of DIY chalk paint...here goes nothing!

The first coat was streaky...I inserted a wood skewer into one of the holes in an end and poked that into a jar to hold them while they dried. Coat #2 went on much better and I could tell this was going to work! 

Once the eggs were dry, I used a big needle, threaded it with embroidery thread and poked it through the holes in one end, knotted my thread and hung those babies onto the painted branches of my tree!

painted plastic Easter egg

If you get really close to them, you can see the break line across the middle. But they look SO good!!! And at about $.10 each, the price cannot be beat!!! I made some more and can't wait to show you how I used them in another spot in my home.

I put a little black paint on the end of an old toothbrush and ran my thumb down it to splatter some paint on some of the eggs, giving them a speckled look.

I love the soft colors! I tell ya, this was the easiest tree I ever planted :) Better yet, no watering is involved!! The extra eggs were displayed on a bed of moss in this ceramic urn.

Chalk painted Robin's Eggs DIY beautify

Who knew plastic eggs could look so great. This isn't the only Easter tree I've created! Click here to see how to antique eggs and create a small Easter tree.

What's the strangest thing you've ever used chalk paint on? I'd love to hear about it!!

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  1. This turned out really pretty. I love painted twigs anytime and with those handmade eggs, it is lovely. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I'm surrounded by trees but yet I have a hard time finding ones that look right. I love those eggs and the tree!

    1. The trick is to wait until the branches are dead..dried out real good..that's when they look best! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you; easy too ;) Those are my favorite DIY's!

  4. So pretty and ready for spring! I have a big bag of those eggs and have been thinking about painting them!

    1. Thank you Sharon, it is fun to be getting ready for spring and the eggs turn out remarkably well :) I'm ready for warmer weather to stick around!!

  5. So fun and cute!! Please come join us for Centerpiece Wednesday Linky party and share your post with us. Centerpiece Wednesday is live tonight http://thestylesisters.blogspot.com/2014/03/centerpiece-wednesday-spring-ideas.html

  6. I really like the soft pastel color. I love urns and have plans to make a tree in one of mine. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing with SYC.

  7. Cindy,
    Thank you for sharing your cute thrifty Easter decor at my party. Luv those DIY eggs. You will be featured at this weeks party.


  8. This is definitely awesome! Even though it is a copycat, I love that you make the tree more attractive! I definitely make one of this Cindy, the blue eggs is cute! Amazing!

    Sebastian Chuter

  9. Fabulous, fabulous, & super fabulous. I love this idea, and plan to do a few of these to have on hand for next year's Easter.


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