Kitchens that Combine Beauty with Function

Kitchen Inspiration

Kitchen Inspiration

Every woman loves a great kitchen. Even if you're not an avid cook, a great kitchen is something that we all want.

A kitchen is the heart of the home, after all.

Kitchens are where games are played around the table after a great meal, and where homework is done. It's where family talks take place. It's where all the food is and where guests often congregate.

I don't currently have a great kitchen; which is strange because I have a great house. There are a ton of flaws in the design of my current kitchen and they drive me nuts! Like bonkers...every time I cook. Everything is in the wrong place! You may have read my post about the ways I have tried to streamline my kitchen organization with only 2-1/2 tiny drawers. It's not ideal but I'm trying to make it work and trying not to think ugly thoughts about the designer architect (those words just sound too nice) person who thought up my kitchen layout.

Seriously! Here is where I need to win a $25,000+ kitchen sweepstakes to completely gut 
and start over again! Home Depot...Lowes...anybody?!?

Mr. Diy and I have a few ideas to try to make our kitchen more functional...on a tiny little budget. It involves keeping our existing cabinets but reworking the placement of them to open up the space. There are other projects too, but I'll save those until we get closer.

So of course my 'Kitchen Inspiration' Pinterest Board is filled with some pretty amazing kitchens. Here are just a few of the kitchens that inspire me. I'll tell you what I love about each one.

The Kim Six Fix has a wonderful 80's to awesome kitchen redo. Just look at the difference painting the cabinets made! I love the bold statement of the back splash, how they got rid of the fluorescent light fixture and trimmed out the area it previously occupied, the drama of the painted island, and opening up that one cabinet on the end by taking off its doors. Huge impact in this kitchen! I'm having serious drawer-envy!!

Better Homes and Gardens shared a wonderful country farmhouse kitchen. This would be my dream kitchen, if money and space were not an issue. The exposed beams and paneled ceiling, that wall of cabinets that resembles a giant hutch, of course the farmhouse sink, the massive stove hood, the island, all the natural light...well, I pretty much love everything about this kitchen! All the space is wonderful!

This kitchen in Country Living, with its dresser-turned-island, those ceilings, the spring green door, chandelier, the stools with their flirty little skirts, the large crown moldings and of course, those checkerboard floors. Gorgeous.

What I'm loving about this kitchen {source unknown}are the dark butcher block counters with the white farmhouse sink and the white glass-front cabinets (although I don't know if I'd be able to keep mine looking that tidy...maybe just one or two open cabinets for me). The milk glass light over the sink is calling my name!

Just look at all the amazing storage in this light-filled kitchen (source unknown). I like the way they've blended a farmhouse feel with modern touches, and the white makes it feel so airy and light. I could do some serious baking on that marble-topped island!

This is an idea that I would like to incorporate into my kitchen. Along one wall I currently have a pantry closet that is very ineffective. A built-in pantry {source unknown}, with pull-outs would be SO much more user-friendly and I think I'd actually be able to get a lot more food into the space than I am able to now.

I so wish Ana White and I were best friends! Or Bob Villa... or Tye Pennington :)

I'm drooling over all these dreamy kitchens and just wanting mine to be functional. Pretty would be a bonus! I'm hoping I will be pleasantly surprised at what we are able to accomplish.

Kitchens That Inspire

Do you have any areas of your home that are 'difficult'? That you wonder what the designers were thinking? That just don't function the way they should?

Any tips for me as I'm considering my "mini kitchen reno"?

Talk to me...I'd love to hear about it!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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