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The Summer My Dad Told me to Quit my Job

As we approach Father's Day, my thoughts are with the man who raised me. My dad. He passed away 5 years ago so I won't be able to wish him a 'Happy Father's Day' anymore.

I know I was the apple of my dad's eye...the only daughter, sandwiched between two boys.

However, my dad and I didn't always see eye to eye.
He liked dresses... I liked jeans!

He liked the natural look...I loved makeup!

He thought a woman's place was in the home...I fell in love with Mr Diy partly because he 
wasn't afraid to do dishes, lol!

You get the was a stormy relationship at times (especially during my teens).

But I always knew my dad loved me.

And he was there for me.

He gave me great advice...sometimes when I didn't want it...and sometimes when I really needed it!

After I graduated from college I was back home for the summer and took a job...that I ended up absolutely hating! It was a secretarial job and what I disliked the most were all the crazy things I was asked to do by the owner of the small company I was working for....on a whim, she would ask me to run her clothes to the dry book flights and hotels with only a couple hours notice and make crazy itinerary arrangements for remind her to take bathroom breaks...yes, she wanted a slave!

One day I drove home at the end of the day, feeling totally defeated. I walked into the house and my dad was there and greeted me with his customary, "Hi Princess." Then he said something pretty random...but it ended up having a profound impact on the rest of my summer and the next year of my life. He said,

"Is it well with your soul?"

Those six little words shattered me. As I broke down weeping, I told him that NO, it emphatically was not. We talked about my job, how much I despised the menial tasks that I was asked to do, and then we came up with a game plan.

Step 1 was quitting my dreaded job. That was a happy day!!! How many recent college grads feel the freedom to quit a job when so many are just hoping to find one? Especially at the urging of a parent?

My dad's words, wisdom and encouragement gave me the courage to apply for a new job...and within a couple of weeks I was hired...for the School District Office no less! I ended up completely happy in my new position...and owed it all to my dad!

So on this Father's Day, I just want to say "Thank you" to my dad. Thank you for the BEST ADVICE you could give me that summer! Thank you for asking me that question. Thank you for loving me!

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