Personalize a Dollar Store Shopping Bag

How to Customize a Dollar Store Bag

Remember going to summer camp and your mom had to put your name or your initials on all your stuff....even your underwear?!

Kinda weird, but it insured no one else was walking around with your underwear on!!

Monograms say, 'this is mine, it belongs to me!'

Add your monogram to a shopping bag

When I found this adorable polka dot shopping bag at the Dollar Store...I  decided to personalize it with my Cricut diecut machine and some pretty vinyl.

Customize a dollar store bag

Adding a monogram to a dollar store bag

Easy peasy...

And with my Monogram on it, no one else better touch!!

What is the best thing you've ever monogrammed?

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. Cute cute cute! Don't monograms make everything better?
    ~ Ashley

    1. Thanks so Much Ashley! I am a monogram freak - it's mostly 'L's'..for our last name...this one I wanted to do for me! I have weird initials for a cute monogram, but I think I made it work ;)

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I nominated you for Liebster Award. Check out myLiebster Award post for more details. I hope you will accept it and have fun :)
    Let's Make It Lovely


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