How to host a Popcorn Bar and Outdoor Movie Night

Girls 10th Birthday Party Ideas

Popcorn Bar and Movie Night

Turning 10 is a big deal. Double Digits!

So when Little DIY was trying to think of an idea to celebrate her entrance to the magical world of double digits, I went onto Pinterest to get some inspiration.

I fell in love with the idea of a Popcorn Bar. And what's a popcorn bar without a Movie Night Under the Stars?...Little DIY was totally on board. Here's how it went down.

I used picmonkey to create movie ticket invitations. We weren't sure yet if we'd be showing Frozen or Rio 2, so we made Little DIY the star of the show.

DIY movie ticket birthday invitations #picmonkey

This was an easy party to pull together...popcorn, candy, pizza and soda.

I didn't serve cake. We're not big cake lovers anyway, and I knew the girls would be fueled on candy and soda...didn't want to add more fuel to that fire!

The decor was simple...

An easy DIY birthday banner made with scrapbook paper and stickers...

Simple DIY birthday banner

Red and white popcorn bags, giant Pixie Stix in a vase... and candy! 

Anytime you can let the food double as the decor is a win in my book!

How to host a Popcorn Bar

I found this super cute acrylic tower and scoops at Walmart that I used for the sweets, along with chevron candy cups for those who didn't want to add candy to their popcorn. 

Little DIY picked M&M's, Sour Patch Watermelon and marshmallows.

candy tower

We served sweet and salty popcorn.
Popcorn Bar

If you haven't had your popcorn with candy and marshmallows've gotta try it! 

I had my doubts's really yummy!

Popcorn + Candy =  YUM!

Before it got dark, the girls stayed busy at Little DIY's duct-tape-bow-making station, getting their blankets in prime position for the movie, and watching Little DIY open her gifts!
(faces protected for privacy)

Movie Night under the stars

Mr DIY set up a giant screen that we borrowed from friends. It was perfect...almost like being at the movies! Once the sun set, the girls settled in with their candy/popcorn and watched Rio 2.

As I sat down to watch the movie with the girls, it brought a smile to my face to see them. Snuggled together with their blankets and pillows, munching on popcorn, eyes glued to the screen...laughing at all the funny parts! I'd say those were the sights and sounds of a successful party!

I hope you've been inspired and decide to host your own Popcorn Bar Movie Night! I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. I love this party idea. It is fun and pleases all tastes and personalities. What a perfect party for 10's. "Happy Birthday" to Miss Double Digits :)

    1. Aw, thanks for all your sweet comments, Julie! I think I ate as much sugar as the girls did, LOL!

  2. Oh what a fun party! I love the idea of a popcorn bar. Looks like the girls loved every minute of it too!

    1. It was SO much fun, and easy to pull together (aka: mom approved!). Thanks Sharon :)


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