Valentines Wreath (or anytime wreath)

Sometimes I enjoy projects that are exclusive to the season or celebration. Other times, I like to make something that could work for many different occasions.

This wreath is the perfect example of a multi-purpose project.

I'm not really embracing the whole pink, red, hearts 'themed' Valentines decor this year.

Maybe it's because I went a little overboard with my Valentines crafts and decor last year. Maybe it's because I've been sick for a couple weeks and just don't want to bother with it. I'm sure a big part of it is because I really, really want to be playing 'musical rooms' and making a bunch of changes in my home, so I don't want to commit to any themes right now.

Regardless, Valentines Day is still coming, and I still wanted to have something new to display. Something with just a touch of pink, and a little bit of another color that is a staple in my home...turquoise. I could see this wreath staying up right through spring (the little saying in the window of the frame would be simple enough to change out).

So here's how this little project came together. Affiliate links are included for your convenience; you can find my full disclosure policy here.

I started with a Styrofoam wreath form and wrapped it with a couple strips I tore from the end of fabric I had on hand (you might recognize it as my table topper from Easter last year!). Straight pins keep the fabric in place.

Next, I decided to use this particleboard frame that Mr DIY cut for another project. You can find frames like this at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. He cut two and this one was the reject because of the nicks and gouges. Perfect for this project as I was going to wrap it anyway. I had a remnant piece of turquoise fleece that I cut into long strips. What I found as I wrapped it around the frame was that it pulled and curled up (just like t-shirt yarn, if you've ever worked with that). It was an unexpected bonus. I left the corners bare because I wanted to save enough to make a flower.

Using the leftover fleece, I folded the long strip in half lengthwise and cut notches into it all along the length. Then I rolled it up, starting at one end and working all the way to the other, gluing into place. The result is a unique DIY mum-like flower. You can achieve different results depending on how wide or narrow you cut your strips of fleece, how narrow the flower is, how long the roll of fleece (or felt). You get the idea...totally customizable!

I decided to make a few smaller white felt flowers to offset all the turquoise. These were made by tracing a circle of felt, cutting it into a swirl, and rolling it tightly up. The rounded notch at the end gets glued to the bottom to help hold it all together.

So, here are the elements that went into the making of this simple, fabric-wrapped wreath:

And once they're glued together, I have a unique wreath that will last me a long while.

If you would like the 'happy LOVE day' printable, send me a note in the comments and I'll email it to you.

Now, go and check out these other 'Pink' projects from some of my very talented friends!

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  1. Very pretty wreath! I really like the colors you used too!

  2. Cindy! I LOVE this wreath! Great job with the felt flower tutorials too!

    {big hugs} for a fabulous project!
    ~ Ashley

  3. Love your wreath! Your right that it's suitable for any time of the year really. Love ALL of the elements.

  4. This looks great! Thanks for all of the steps being shown. ;)

  5. Wow! I love this wreath!! You did an amazing job!

  6. This is sooooo cute!! I must try this :-)

    1. Thanks! I hope you do, it's a fun project :) Glad you stopped by,

  7. pretty cool Cindy #makeit TCK love!

    ~Be Sweet
    Christina at


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