Bedding and Curtains for a Guest Room Makeover (One Room Challenge: Week 3)

One thing that I've realized the past couple weeks...when you're under a deadline, time really seems to fly - faster than ever! I've already made a lot of progress in my Guest Retreat Makeover for the One Room Challenge. And today is the halfway point - eek!

I'm actually in Arizona today, on a mini vacay/retreat with Mr DIY. If you're following me on Instagram, you've likely seen some fun pictures. It's amazing what rest and sun can do for the soul...and the body (my back was aching after painting my honey oak bed for Week 2 of this challenge)!

Today we're talking bedding, pillows and curtains. The fun stuff that makes a room inviting, and a bed cozy and comfortable.

First I needed to buy a new mattress set, then it was time to dress it. The nice people at Lush Decor let me pick something from their site late last year, and knowing I'd be redoing this bedroom at some point, I chose this Stella Comforter set. It's luxurious, pretty and perfectly complements my painted bed with its new French Country flair. 

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I'm using fabulous bedding to create a cozy environment in my guest room makeover, and utilizing twin duvets as window dressing! Find out more at DIY beautify.

I'm using a fluffy satin-edged blanket* at the foot of the bed. It adds another layer of softness and makes this bed feel like you never want to leave!

I seriously may have to start sleeping in the Guest Bedroom...and not because my marriage is in trouble...although it might be if I abandon Mr DIY for a cozy bed, lol!

Gorgeous and sumptuous bedding and curtains for a Guest Room Makeover #ORC at DIY beautify!

I'm using the Stella pillows in king size, then these gorgeous buffalo check standard size pillows.
Gorgeous and sumptuous bedding and curtains for a Guest Room Makeover #ORC at DIY beautify!

I'm a little hung up on the accent pillows for the bed. I'm torn between creating a mellow atmosphere and adding a little bit of drama. So maybe you can help me out. I have three options to choose from.

Accent Pillow Option 1:

Gorgeous and sumptuous bedding and curtains for a Guest Room Makeover #ORC at DIY beautify!

I like the peaceful, subdued tones here. The quilted aqua/blue pillows add some texture to the bed and they are light enough in color that they act as a neutral and add to the whole serene look. Are they too 'beachy' though?  I'm wondering if I need to bring in a bit of drama with some black. Which leads us to ...

Accent Pillow Option 2:

Gorgeous and sumptuous bedding and curtains for a Guest Room Makeover #ORC at DIY beautify!

I like the addition of black, but these pillows might be a little tall. They kind of obliterate the pillows behind them. And maybe they're too bold for the calm environment I'm trying to create.

One more option...

Accent Pillow Option 3:

Option 3 would be to use the two blue pillows above with a third accent pillow in a more vibrant color...and probably a different shape (more of a lumbar pillow). I'm thinking bright turquoise or maybe raspberry. Here are a couple mock-ups I was playing with. I love the idea of giant pom pom trim because it adds an element of fun. And if you follow DIY beautify, you know I love signs and labels and any custom project with words. This type of pillow would add some drama and some lighthearted fun to the bed. I would make this pillow out of drop cloth and sew on the ball fringe.


 I'd love to know which Accent Pillow Option you prefer...1, 2 or 3. If you pick 3, which one of the mock-ups do you like best (pink, blue or black...that will keep it simple!)?

You already saw the buffalo check pillows on the bed. Well, guess what? I'm using the duvets too!

The pillowcases were part of two twin duvet sets from Ikea that I purchased. Um, are you confused? Yep, the bed already has a comforter. I used the duvets as my window dressing!

This room has one tiny window, and it's in an awkward position right at the edge of the wall.

My plan was to extend the curtains about 6 inches on the left side to make the window appear larger.

Back to the duvets...I could have simply purchased the fabric, but then I would have had to buy lining, thread and actually do a bunch of sewing. I would have been busting my butt to finish everything in the time frame I have (6 weeks total) to complete this room.

By purchasing two twin duvets, not only do they come with pillows (which I'm using on the bed), but I have options down the road for actually using the duvets on beds as well.

I calculated my costs and if I would have purchased all the fabric I needed to create the window coverings and pillows, the price came out to right around the same.

The idea of using bedding on windows is not a new one for me...I used vintage white matelasse coverlets as curtains on my Master Bedroom windows. It's a great way to think outside the box when dressing your windows.

I hung the duvets from clip rings as high up as they would allow; I wanted them to just brush the floor.

Gorgeous and sumptuous bedding and curtains for a Guest Room Makeover #ORC at DIY beautify!

I am seriously in love with this buffalo check! The color is soft and adds warmth to my gray bedroom. Looking at these, you would never imagine they're not curtains. They're double-lined and allow softly filtered light into the room...a huge improvement from before.

I've come a long way in the last three weeks of the One Room Challenge. My messy bedroom has been completely transformed already with my painted oak bed and sumptuous bedding and curtains.There's so much more goodness to come before the final reveal on May 7.

Next week I'll be sharing a project that has to do with driftwood, so I hope you're following along so you won't miss anything!

If you need a final reveal 'fix' today, you can check out my newly renovated Farmhouse Modern laundry room makeover. We took it from boring, builder-grade to farmhouse charm for less than $200! Here's a little sneak peek.

Don't forget to let me know in the Comments which accent pillow option you prefer. Thanks so much for helping a girl out!

UPDATE: you can read all about the room makeover and see the final reveal right here:

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  1. I like the calm of the blue pillows without any additions. You are right, the black and white pillows are too big and for me the room loses the spa feel with big, bold or bright. Looking forward to the driftwood!!

  2. I'm about to throw a loop because I like the black and white pillows with the blue. Although I think you could achieve the same feel with a black accent lumbar pillow as well. You could always try it out if you find something you like and see what it looks like.

    1. Haha, thanks Erin...that's why I'm stumped because I like the look of both too. I appreciate your input :)

  3. Love the buffalo check (I am a big BC fan!) and I have to say ... I love the punch of the black and white ... maybe you could do both, and change them out seasonally!!! Just sayin'!!

  4. Did you cut and/or sew the duvet to make the curtains? If not, did the duvet try to open up when hung as curtains or did the two sides stay flat together? Does this make sense? Thanks! They look awesome!

    1. Hi Hannah, first of all thanks for your sweet words! I did NO cutting, these duvets were hung up by clips on the open ends. They don't open up at all, and I'm excited to one day take them down and use them as duvets!!

  5. I will vote for the spa soft blue pillow, too. :)

    Your guest room already looks gorgeous.


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