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Country Living Fair Nashville Recap

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

When I found out that the Country Living Fair was coming to Nashville (my neck of the woods), I didn't hesitate to go online and order tickets.

It's long been a dream of mine to attend a CL Fair.

The cool thing is that the dates fell on my birthday, so it was an awesome birthday gift and Mr DIY and I made plans to go together when the kids were in school. He's awesome that way!

Little did I know that I would fall victim to a horrific head cold/sinus infection deal that would last almost a week. I was sick. In bed. It was my birthday. The Country Living Fair was coming to town. Do you feel sorry for me yet...or a little jealous?!

I dragged my booty out of bed to take my first shower in a week and we headed off to the Fair, my purse stuffed with tissues and decongestants. We knew we wouldn't stay too long, but I wanted to wander through all the booths and maybe even get a little something-something! For my troubles, you know?

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

I don't know what I expected for opening day, but it was crowded. In fact, there were so many people there that I felt a little claustrophobic at times and had to escape the crush of bodies. Really.

My pictures don't really convey how many human bodies there were, but trust me, it was bad. In hindsight we really should have gone on the last day.

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

There was lots of metal...letters, signs, arrows...lots of crusty, rusty stuff.

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

I'm planning a Grocery sign for my kitchen and this one caught my eye. As did the bunches of cotton and lavender. And the scale, and plate rack! I love this display.

My sister-in-law Beth lives in NC, next door to a cotton field. I've already asked for some cotton and hope to get it next month when we visit. As for lavender, I grow it in my backyard. Will have to remember to cut and dry bunches this year!

There were a few things that I fell in love with, but the price tag was way outta my budget. Like this gorgeous, shabby cowgirl hat. I love the creative use of lacy doilies.

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

I was also smitten with this leather cuff and have plans to hack one because I couldn't afford to pay the asking price....although it was amazing!

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

Here are a few more pictures. Like I need another hutch in my home, but this one caught my eye, it is just so interesting!

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

These burlap and drop cloth flower embellishments on this pillow are so cute.

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

This sign made me chuckle out loud. Sad...but true, right?

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

This plate rack is ingenious! They used corrugated metal at the back, which adds a unique and unusual feel to the piece.

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

Gorgeous quilts.

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

I thought this shutter bench was really unique...although I think the knobs might poke into your back when you went to sit down!

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

This.Was.Amazing! Some brilliant woman designed this burlap teepee, covered with crocheted throws. I asked the guy sitting there if he made it and he told me that he put it together, but his wife came up with the idea. Isn't it awesome? You walked right through it into the booth. Do you see the skull hanging on the top? It was like feminine meets cattle drive!

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

So you're probably wondering if I bought anything. Um, of course. It was my birthday, remember!! I found a few things that I just couldn't resist.

This lightweight sweater with a ruffled bottom (on sale!), a spoon ring (I've always intended to make one but don't have the proper tools), a vintage feed sack (love the colors) and a lumbar pillow for my Guest Room Retreat. You might remember the dilemma I had with pillows and this pillow was the perfect finishing touch for my painted bed (I did add some pom poms to it).

Country Living Fair Nashville recap | DIY beautify

Before we left, I stopped at the bathroom (or I should say that I lined up behind about 15 other women to wait my turn!). The gal in front of me was wearing the cutest cap and when I asked her about it, she said she bought it from one of the vendors for $35. Well, we weren't going back to look for it. But I came home and made my own version...for only $10! I'll be sharing that tutorial soon.

Next week I'll be sharing a ridiculously easy pom pom tutorial (no tools needed) and a tip for hanging wreaths.

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