Chicken Burrito Bowls

These easy chicken burrito bowls are made from leftover chicken and layered with favorite Mexican flavors! These bowls are faster than take out!

chicken burrito bowls with tortillas

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Are you craving something simple for dinner tonight? My easy chicken burrito bowls are fast, easy and taste delicious! Because they're assembled in bowls, picky eaters can leave out the ingredients they don't like.

Chicken burrito bowls are so simple to make

I feel like the ultimate super mom whenever I can reinvent leftovers to taste delicious! This recipe uses leftover shredded chicken that I show you how to make in your crock pot in this recipe.

This chicken is so tasty, moist and flavorful, you are going to want to make enough so you'll have leftovers to make these Chicken Burrito Bowls another day that week! And believe me, no one will groan when they hear it's leftover night!

chicken burrito bowls

These bowls come together in minutes! While your chicken is reheating, here's what you do:

  • make a pot of rice (Spanish, brown or regular, it's up to you)
  • heat up a can of your favorite beans (pinto bean, refried beans and black beans are all wonderful in this dish)
  • grate a big pile of the cheese of your choice (we like a Mexican blend)
  • prepare fresh guacamole or open a package of Holy Guacamole - so easy
  • make fresh homemade pico de gallo or open a jar of your favorite salsa
  • have a package of tortilla chips open and ready to go

Once the chicken and rice are cooked, simply layer the flavors in a bowl. Rice, chicken, beans and all the toppings you want!

It's really that fast..and that easy! This is an easy, nutritious meal packed with flavor and protein that the whole family will love.

easy chicken burrito bowls

Chicken burrito bowls are fabulous with my quick homemade Pico De Gallo recipe.

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easy chicken burrito bowls

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  1. It's so quick and easy! Maybe, I'll omit the rice and replace it with tortillas instead. Then, lots of cheese and chicken! Yehey!

    1. Yes, that would be delicious! That's the great thing about this's so versatile!


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