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Birthday Party Ideas for a Tween Girl

This weekend was a whirlwind!

We hosted nine 10-11 year old girls at a birthday party for our daughter.

One night.

At our home (yes, we are crazy!)

Birthday party ideas for a tweenage girl | DIY beautify

There was madness, mayhem, blood (a small flesh wound) and even a phone call from an upset neighbor complaining about the noise (except it turns out it was a friend tricking me out!).

I thought you might enjoy a little behind-the-scenes look at our day...from set up until break down (not breakdown...although it was close!)

So I wrote a little poem to celebrate the occasion, with lots of poetic license (thank you to Clement Clarke Moore for the original).

Hope you enjoy!

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Twas the morn of the party when the birthday girl rose

Birthday party ideas for a tweenage girl | DIY beautify

Pancakes and peaches broke her repose

Birthday party ideas for a tweenage girl | DIY beautify

The table was set with infinite care

Birthday party food ideas for tween girl | DIY beautify

Chalkboards and banners and cute stuff was there

Banner and chalkboard birthday party idea for tween girl | DIY beautify

Popcorn and cupcakes, cookies, fondue

Awesome food ideas and table set up for a tween birthday | DIY beautify

Fruit kebabs, much to do!

Awesome food ideas for a tween birthday party | DIY beautify

Excitement was high as the day moved along

Birthday party for tween girl | DIY beautify

Preparations continued out on the lawn

Birthday party for tween girl | DIY beautify

A screen that was larger than life soon appeared
Thanks to the skills of a dad with no fear

Birthday party for tween girl with outdoor movie | DIY beautify

The birthday girl squealed when she heard the first 'dong'
The guests were arriving out back on the lawn

And what to my wondering eyes should appear
But nine little girls, all dressed in sleep gear

Nine soon-to-be-teens all having such fun
While the last final rays were drawn from the sun

Birthday party for tween girl | DIY beautify

Giggles and squeals as presents were ripped

Birthday party for tween girl | DIY beautify

Then plates were piled high and chocolate was dripped

Birthday party for tween girl | DIY beautify

And while girls snuggled down in their blankets outside
Maleficient played on the screen way up high
And one tired female breathed a big sigh!

Birthday party for tween girl | DIY beautify

The night was soon over and parents appeared
Goodbyes were said and messes were cleared (thanks Mr diy! xx)

We'd pulled off a party for one special girl
who is growing so fast it leaves our heads all aswirl

A girl who is brave, kind, silly and sweet
Then we tucked her in bed and pulled up the sheet

And said as we kissed her and turned off the light
"Happy birthday to you and to you a good night!"

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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