How to Make a Farmhouse Sign and a Free Printable

This quick DIY sign adds texture and just the right farmhouse feel for the space above my sofa. Read on to find out how to make it!

DIY farmhouse sign

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Tweaking, fluffing, moving, arranging and's all par for the course when you love home decor. Nothing stays the same for very long...but that's part of the fun! And I find when my space lacks something, before I run to the store, I try to remedy that by making something myself.

This handmade farmhouse gather sign was inspired by our recent trip to IKEA and the accessories I found for my living room. I felt like the space above my sofa needed something with texture, but nothing too big and intrusive.

A quick search in the garage yielded an ideal piece of wood. No cutting was necessary, just some sanding to smooth out the rough surface and edges.

I'm not going to bore you with the complete tutorial for this project because you've seen it before. If you're new here, search signs and you'll find several more projects with in-depth tutorials like this one...or this one...or this one.

The basics for making a sign like this include stain (or paint) and a stencil.

How to Make a Quick Farmhouse Sign

I gave my board a quick coating of stain and let it dry overnight.

My stencil was created in PicMonkey and cut out using my Silhouette. If you don't have access to a die-cut machine or you don't want to make your own stencil, you can find many varieties of affordable 'gather' stencils here. Or you can grab my free printable a little further down.

homemade stencil

It took longer to tape all the little pieces to my board than to actually apply the paint! I used regular card stock for my stencil, so it wasn't sticky...but much more affordable than vinyl!

script font for sign

The finished product was a little too perfect for my taste...I wanted it to look more aged. So once the white chalk paint dried, I gave the sign a few swipes with my hand sander to remove just a little of the white paint.

I didn't bother to wax or poly it as it won't get touched much, hanging on the wall.

distress with sander

I think it adds just the right amount of texture and warmth to my living room, and nicely balances the other wood pieces in the room.

small sign above sofa

As promised, here is the free printable (for your personal use only please). Click the link and save to your computer. You'll be able to print it or upload it at full size to either your printer or die cut machine.

free printable

Now my living room is complete, haha. Ok, I'm sure there'll be more tweaking and arranging, but for now I'm satisfied!

I'd love to know how you'd use this sign! Leave me a comment below.

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