Herbed Goat Cheese Spread

I love the fact that gourmet ingredients are available just about everywhere these days! This recipe for herbed goat cheese spread makes a deliciously creamy appetizer or snack...and it's ridiculously easy to make!

herbed goat cheese spread

So why goat cheese?

Believe it or not, goat's milk (and cheese) is often tolerated better by people who can't stomach cow's milk. Goat's milk and goat cheese is actually the preferred dairy product in most of the world! We like it because it's so creamy, and has a milder flavor than cream cheese.

The addition of some herbs from my garden took the flavor over the top!

fresh herbs

But let's back it up and start at the very beginning!

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This is so easy, it almost doesn't warrant an entire blog post! However it's so tasty and full of fresh herbs so I'll walk you through it.

I grow herbs outside, love me some basil and parsley...but I love thyme too, it adds a depth of flavor in so many meals. If you don't grow herbs, you really should! You don't even need a backyard, you can grow herbs in your home with a kit like this. Mr DIY actually has an AeroGarden in his office and so we enjoy fresh herbs all year long!

For the herbed goat cheese spread, I grabbed a handful of both parsley and thyme. I gave them a little rinse, patted them dry, and chopped them up (you can see how they look micro chopped above). When you're using fresh thyme, don't use the stem. Slide your fingers along the stem to release the herbs and then they're easy to chop up.

I found my goat cheese at Aldi. I like the garlic and herb because it already has some delicious flavor...the addition of fresh herbs makes it that much better!

Leave the goat cheese on the counter for an hour to soften, then mix goat cheese in a bowl with the fresh, chopped herbs.

goat cheese with herbs

Toast up some baguette slices (drizzle with a little olive oil first) to spread the herbed goat cheese on. YUM! You could also use it as a dip for veggies.

I like the addition of dried cranberries..think sweet, creamy, tart...deliciousness in every bite!

cranberries add a sweet zing to herbed goat cheese spread

herbed goat cheese on toasted baguette slices

tasty snack

This herbed goat cheese spread didn't last long in our home!

If you need a quick and easy appetizer or snack, I hope you try this herbed goat cheese spread! It's a grown up snack that is too delicious to resist!

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