Yard Sale Bench Makeover (Embrace the Old!)

Sometimes all a yard sale find needs is a fresh coat of paint. Today I'm sharing a yard sale bench that got a quick swipe of color for a fresh new look!

yard sale bench makeover

A lot of things in life get overlooked because they're old. We might think they're past their prime or that their good days are over. I find myself drawn to old things because they've lived life and they have a story to tell.

This applies both to people as well as things themselves. And if we listen carefully, we can learn so much from the older generation, can't we? It has a lot to teach us about life...weathering storms, persevering, loving through tough times, standing firm, embracing imperfection.

Not all yard sale junk has a lesson to teach us of course, but I love the idea of continuing the story... transformation and change that can occur with just a little attention from someone new.


This weekend I was invited to go yard-sale-ing with some new friends. I am so glad I went because I met some of the sweetest gals and as we spent the morning together going from sale to sale, we had a blast!

You know what I loved best? Some of the stories that they shared. We laughed and giggled and talked all morning long. We became fast friends as we shared space in the car with our new-found treasures! And I realized that something magical happens when we share our stories; our stories have the ability to draw us together.

As I've been unpacking and setting up our new home, it occured to me that I've collected things from every place that we've lived. These items, some new but most old and weathered, have become a part of our family's story! I can look at a piece and immediately memories come to mind.

We have little pieces that we've carried with us along the way...along our journey. And all these items that we've brought from places around the country where we've lived all come together to create our home! Memories made, ready to be shared. New stories waiting to be told.

turquoise bench

I bought this yard sale bench from a sweet couple who are downsizing. Their children are grown and have all moved away and they don't need a houseful of stuff. They're letting a lot of it go.

This bench was one of four that formed an outdoor dining set with a large picnic table. I can imagine all the family times spent around that table...the meals shared, stories told, the life lived.

front porch bench

It was in good shape and didn't need much, but I decided to add some color. I dry brushed the piece in about 20 minutes with my (affiliate link) favorite turquoise paint, leaving a lot of bare wood to show through.

I love the weathered look this gives it.

fall porch bench

It found a home on our currently rather bare front porch.

fall porch

The fresh punch of color on this yard sale bench is fun and welcoming!


And I found a spot for the half-a-stool that I pulled out of the sand at the beach recently! For now anyway, it's a great little perch for a Halloween sign and ghostly mason jar.

These pieces are ready for new stories now!

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yard sale bench makeover

Do you have a soft spot for old items or are you drawn to glossy and new?

Do you find stories have the magical power to draw people together? How have you seen this in your life? Feel free to comment below, I love hearing from you!

Have a safe and healthy Halloween! Later this week I'll be sharing some design challenges in our new home and asking for some feedback!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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