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Hi friends! I have SO much to tell you and share, so I've combined some of it into one post. I promise there are pretty and inspiring pictures...and I'm busy working on other tutorials to share with you soon!

I've been hard at work making our back patio a relaxing and comfortable place for our family and friends to hang out (more on that makeover coming soon).

back porch decorating

We had a major deluge yesterday...heavy, tropical rain, tornado-warnings...and now my beautiful outdoor patio is covered in earthworms...live ones...yuck! Any quick tips on getting rid of them?

. . .

Do you remember when I killed a large fiddle leaf fig tree? It was outside during a frost...and I was horrified when every single leaf fell off!

We finally cut it way back, but Mr DIY declared it "deader than a doornail"... it was headed to the trash...except that we're major procrastinators and so it never actually made it to the curb...

...and then...low and behold...

fiddle leaf fig facts (it may not be dead!)

You guys...Fiddle leaf fig is alive and growing! #happydance

My other fig babies are growing too...I will share updated pictures soon!

. . .

I've been a little quiet on the blog lately. Lots of back problems have kept me from spending much time at my computer.

Sooo, you probably didn't know that we were having car problems! Our '95 Honda needed a new transmission...and after giving it a lot of thought (things like "is it worth it?") we decided to go ahead. Not 5 days after the new transmission was installed, a piston blew in the engine.

So it sat in the driveway...dead..kaput!

Mr DIY, myself and our teenage, working, son shared a car for about 2 months...while trying to look for new-to-us cars. Y'all, in nearly 25 years of marriage, we've owned a total of 4 cars...so we're not exactly car-buying-experts! We like to drive them literally to death!

I am happy to say that not only did we find a new car (new as in 2014), but it's been raining cars! We found a car for our college son, and our middle son just bought his first car. #thedroughtisover

Here's a pic of the new and the old.

old car new car

. . .

In other, totally random news, I have been labeling all.the.things lately!

If you own a Silhouette machine or a Cricut...and you don't use it...what are you waiting for?

My bread box (formerly Laundry Box) needed a new label...I was tired of the font (plus, the fact that I applied it a little bit crooked has driven me crazy since the day I put it on...truth!)

Here's a little look at the quick and easy process of switching out the vinyl...

switching out vinyl font

The old vinyl peeled right up, the box got a nice clean and degreasing from my favorite household cleaner, and I attached the new vinyl...here's a look at the before and the after.

adding vinyl label to enamel bread box
If you've been wanting a vintage-style enamel bread box, you can find them here.

. . .

It seems like I'm always the last one on the bus...I just discovered "flat lays" and have had loads of fun playing!

favorite office supplies

These are just a few of my favorite craft supplies...all things pretty! I can't wait to start on my home office/craft room in our new home! 

Be watching for that this year.

. . .

See that mug? Yeah, after avoiding it for several months, I have jumped head first into the Rae Dunn pottery obsession!

Rae Dunn collecting

Rae Dunn collecting

Those tall, skinny letters on the white pottery just make me smile! And I love speaking without saying a word...can you guess which mug I use on sleepy mornings?! 

I am sloooowly adding to my collection! So if you happen to spot any in a HomeGoods near you, scoop it up for me (#shamelessplug)...please 😉

Two final random pictures to leave you with...my sitting room...the girliest room in our home!

And I promise, Mr DIY did hang up the 'gather' sign!!

farmhouse sitting room

I shopped the closet and found this "Choose Joy" sign that I made years and years ago...before I was a blogger! It fit perfectly above the door frame in my kitchen.

choose joy handmade sign and view of dining room

It's a great reminder for me every time I'm in my kitchen...that no matter what is going on in my head, my heart or my life...I can CHOOSE JOY!

I hope your day is blessed beyond measure! Thanks for letting me share these random bits and pieces with you today...may you be inspired!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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