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A modern farmhouse tour

Modern farmhouse tour | diy beautify

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I love's my passion!

And one of my favorite things is meeting others who share that passion (because we 'get' each other) and being inspired by their special gift of creativity and how they express it.

Today I am so excited to share a wonderful, creative home with you. It belongs to Jenny.

I met Jenny last fall at Round Top. She's a pastor's wife also, and she lives in the Houston area. We met through a mutual friend, and we clicked immediately.

I recently got to visit her beautiful home and couldn't stop taking pictures! I was so inspired. I asked Jenny if it would be alright to share her home with you because I knew you would be inspired as well.

Jenny is not a blogger, but she is just as decor-obsessed and DIY-crazed as I am...maybe even more so! I did a little interview with her because I always love to find out the 'how' and the 'why'. It's a great way to get to know someone better, and Jenny did not disappoint.

Let's check her home out...oh, and I need to mention that Jenny is a huge collector of Rae Dunn pottery, so you'll see those pieces popping up quite a bit.

Welcome to Jenny's home!

Modern farmhouse tour | diy beautify

Let's jump right into the interview questions.

How would you define your style? 

Old and junky?? Haha. If you want me to be serious, I would say it's "Upcycled Farmhouse". My dream is to live in the country and buy a fixer-upper farmhouse. There is just something about bringing an old piece of furniture home or even a decoration back to life again.

Truly a girl after my own heart! Maybe one day we can be neighbors in the country!

Upcycled, modern farmhouse tour | diy beautify

Tell us a little about your DIY process and decorating your home... where did you get your inspiration? 

I've always loved order, balance and staging. Even as a young girl, I would remake my sister's bed because I wanted everything to look pretty and orderly. Her sloppy way of making the bed drove me crazy. And I probably drove them cray-cray too with wanting everything in it's proper place! Thankfully they still love me! So, I think part of my decorating inspiration has just always been part of how God wired me. It flows out of me very naturally. Another inspiration to my decor style was a beautiful Bed & Breakfast called "Cederly" in Delafield, Wisconsin. Oh, how I loved that place. It was nestled in a lovely spot on a beautiful, quiet lake. My husband and I stayed there for a few days and I fell in love with the way that I FELT while there. It was beyond peaceful and I didn't want to leave and go back to "normal life". I knew dishes, laundry and babies were awaiting me! A wise woman there dug me up a hydrangea bush and told me to plant it in my own yard and start making my home feel like Cederly. So, I planted that bush and as it grew, so did my NEW intentional decor style. I decorated with the sole purpose of creating a peaceful place for my family to rest and refresh. A place where we could experience the peace and relaxation of Cederly...right in our own home.

What great advice for anyone looking to create a peaceful, meaningful home! Start with something that inspires you and then be intentional as you shop/scavenge for items that recreate that same feeling!

Jenny's creativity shines throughout her home, and I love this statement piece in the kitchen...bed springs hung above a large farmhouse table, strung with fairy lights!

Upcycled farmhouse style | diy beautify

Who taught you to use power tools? 

I grew up with a very crafty mom and very handy dad. They both used power tools all the time. I think it was my mom's independence that inspired me to not fear tools. She was my loving, caring mama who baked Grandma Marge's apple turnovers in the morning and operated a wet tile saw in the evening! She was super cool. My father-in-law also builds everything imaginable. So, he's taught me a lot about tools as well. Even my neighbors come over and teach me how to use certain tools. I really do have amazing people that surround me.

This mama of 4 is certainly not afraid to try her hand at something new, whether it's painting furniture, sewing slipcovers or building something to add to her home! I knew we were kindred spirits when I saw this handmade magnolia wreath...because I had just made one myself (both of us scavenged magnolia leaves from our neighbor's trash!!)

Apothecary cabinet filled with Rae Dunn pottery

What is your process for decorating a room, do you start with an inspiration piece? 

I'm not sure I've ever thought about it. I just know what style I love. I keep the large elements neutral (wall, furniture, and rug color) and add splashes of color/texture. But the splashes of color have to flow from one room to the next. If I cannot take one decor item or piece of furniture and use it in another room within the house, I don't use it at all. I like the rooms to feel connected. It also saves me money keeping my home the same decor theme...the same palette. I like a classic look that will last over time. Nothing too trendy that is wild and will only last a few months.

I love that tip, and it's one I use in my own home! When your rooms feel connected and your decor choices are consistent, it's very easy to switch things around (shop the house) when you feel like a new look! Jenny's home is filled with black, white and touches of red, as well as rustic items and natural elements.

Upcycled farmhouse living room | diy beautify

What's your favorite project that you've done in your home?

I LOVE the red barn doors for our guest room. We've built red barn doors in two of our homes. They are so yummy! It's something people see when they walk in the front doors and almost everyone comments on them. They were also a project that my hubby worked very hard on...just for me. They are like a gift that keeps on giving!

Red barn doors in an upcycled farmhouse | diy beautify

Those barn doors are truly a statement piece and I love the story behind their creation. Do you notice Jenny's use of bold decor items in this room (the pallet wood picture frames, large sign and chandelier). Anything smaller would get lost with those bold, red doors!

What's your favorite way to bring meaning to your home through your decor?

I have pieces that carry memories. My FIL's first, wooden ladders hang on our walls and even hang on a ceiling. My mom and mother-in-law both passed away but their sweet memories live on through their handmade quilts and pieces of furniture that are scattered throughout our home. 

Patchwork quilt | diy beautify

 An outdoor porch swing from one of our first homes, travels from house to house with us and is currently hanging INSIDE our home. We rocked our babies on that swing and now we rock with our teenagers on that swing.

What a clever idea! I would love a porch swing in my home, but even better are all the sweet memories attached to that one piece of furniture! Pastors families can be known to move a fair bit, and in our case I have tried to be intentional about finding a couple special pieces from each place we've lived and using them in each of our's a way to 'stitch up the journey of our lives'.

Hang a swing inside your home!

Our family history is scattered all over our home and used as decor. I also love the meaning that words can bring to a home. I use words of encouragement everywhere I can. We want our children to see how much meaning and value they have...not only do we tell them but our home tells them that too. We want our kids to want to come home because it's their favorite place too!

I didn't take a picture of it, but Jenny has stenciled the words from 1 Corinthians 13 (the love passage) up the treads of her stairs. Love is patient and does not keeps no record of always protects, trusts and perseveres...What a great reminder for the family every single day!

Bringing meaning to a home through words is something very close to my heart as well, as you'll surely know if you've read my blog for any amount of time!

Words have power! Having positive affirmations and scripture on our walls blesses not only our family but our guests as well (without us even having to open our mouth!).

Rae Dunn collection

Okay, let's move on...

You're a bit of a Rae Dunn freak! How long have you been collecting and what's your favorite piece? 

 Yes, let's talk about Rae Dunn! I love her skinny, large letter pieces! Like really love. It's my weakness and honestly, my husband thinks I'm crazy. But I hear lots of husbands think this about their wives' Rae Dunn addictions! Whew, I am normal then! I got hooked in January and have only learned to love it more since then. The added bonus is that I've met some amazing women because of our mutual love for Rae Dunn. It's become a little family. My favorite piece is probably BUTTER or the TEApot. So cute and chubby. Cannot wait to eventually find my unicorn pieces!

Upcycled farmhouse kitchen

Jenny's kitchen is FULL of Rae Dunn! For those of us who struggle to find any pieces, it's a little overwhelming...don't be jealous, don't be jealous...but truly awesome!

Rae Dunn collection

She has cleverly displayed her pieces so they're not only functional but part of her kitchen decor!

Rae Dunn display in an upcycled farmhouse kitchen

Okay, and I had to ask this last question because I was dying to know...

What are your favorite resources for decor and accessories? 

What girl doesn't love Hobby Lobby or HomeGoods? Those are two of my favorites. I also love Decor Steals online! Their daily deals always suck me in! And lastly, I love junk sales. You know, those places where you dig through rusty piles and get giddy when you pull out an old rake or washtub?!?! LOVE to hunt for treasures that can easily get overlooked. For example, we have chicken nesting boxes in our bedroom. They are so fun!

Decor Steals half bicycle wall display

Decorative scale

Jenny is also a coffee drinker and has a charming coffee station set up in her kitchen.

Rae Dunn coffee station

Whew, are you inspired? I know I sure am!

It can be overwhelming to look at a beautiful home like this and wonder how to achieve that in your own home. Don't be discouraged, just take Jenny's decorating tips to heart and start collecting pieces that are meaningful to you and your family! Each of us has our own distinct style...that's what makes us unique!

One final image to leave you with...

Letterboard coffee quote


I'd love to hear your thoughts on finding your decor style, adding meaning to your home, collecting meaningful treasures...whatever is speaking to you.

(thanks so much Jenny, for allowing us a peek into your home and your amazingly creative mind!)

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. Jenny's home is wonderful! It's obvious that it has been decorated with love and meaning. I love that porch swing hanging in the family room! Love all the decorative touches and the soft colors. The idea that you want to create the feeling of a home is how I love to think of it too.

    Thanks so much to you and Jenny for sharing. :)


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