Patriotic Wall Hanging with Ribbon

An easy project for July 4th using ribbon and denim

easy flag craft  |  diy beautify

I've been an official American for a whole 16 months now!

I love this well as my birth country, Canada!

We are so blessed to live in a country with (nearly) unlimited freedoms, and abundance!

In honor of July 4th...and really every other American holiday...I made this fun DIY-take on the American flag. I have an obscene amount of craft ribbon that I needed to use up and this project helped a lot!

It was so easy to make!

I ran out to my yard and grabbed a branch...

Tied some ribbon to it...

Added a denim pocket...

And hung it up!

Really, it was that easy! 

But just in case you need it, here is a more in-depth tutorial to walk you through the process.

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I used my loppers to cut a nice, straight branch to about 16" wide.

Then I cut my ribbon to roughly the same length (16-18" long).

I used ribbon and trims like ric-rac, mini pom pom trim, and even a piece of lace that I cut to the same length. Maybe my favorite addition of all though, was strips ripped from a white bed sheet!

*DIY INSIDE TIP: the local Goodwill is a great place to buy cheap cotton sheets that you can rip and tear for crafts like this one!

I left about an inch at the end of the branch for the hanging cord, and just started tying my ribbons and trim to the branch. Make sure that all the knots line up in a row so your hanging will hang nice and straight, and knot the ribbon closely together for a nice, full effect. I alternated red and white ribbon, but you can do whatever you'd like.

tie ribbon

Just keep tying, tying, tying!

easy patriotic wall hanging  |  diy beautify

It takes just a few minutes to tie all the ribbons to the branch.

Time to work on the stars.

I have a thing for baby jeans. I have held on to nearly every pair of my kids' jeans because, are they not just so stinkin' cute?

They're pint-sized, and they bring back precious memories of my darling children's bums 🌝 What's not to like about a baby bum right (er, most of the time, that is!) 

A couple of years ago I was trying to 'thin' my pile of denim and decided to cut all the pockets off my kids jeans and make a cutie garland. You can see that project here.

I grabbed a denim pocket from my stash and hot glued a piece of eyelet trim to it.

glue eyelet to denim pocket

See what I mean...soo cute!

I added some stars using white acrylic paint and a star stamp.

painted stars

Three stars fit perfectly on this little pocket.

Next, I used my Cropadile hole puncher to punch two holes right through all those layers of eyelet and denim! Total aside...this tool is amazing! It punches through leather, fabric, cardboard and anything I throw at it...just like butter! 

I used it for this DIY leather and lace bracelet that I made a couple years ago.

punch holes

Here's a close up of the holes.

close up of holes

I threaded ribbon through the holes and tied it onto my hanging where the ribbon completely blends in.

Then I tied a length of jute around each side of the branch to hang the wall hanging up.

tie pocket to wall hanging

It turned out so cute, I am just loving it!

It's much too pretty to hang outside and get all covered in creepy crawlies, so for now it's hanging on my laundry room door just off the kitchen. It adds a sweet little pop of color in my (mostly) neutral kitchen.

patriotic ribbon wall hanging  |  diy beautify

The denim lace and drop cloth patriotic wall hanging I made last year is sitting on the bistro chair. That project caused quite a stir...a lot of people were not okay with me veering away from the traditional flag but I quite like it! It's draped over a pillow in this picture.

farmhouse kitchen with patriotic wall hanging

Back to the patriotic wall hanging. I especially like how the ends are uneven. But if you're a little OCD it's totally could cut them all to the same length!

patriotic wall hanging  |  diy beautify

In hindsight, while the baby-sized denim pocket makes for a super cute addition, it is a little small and might have worked better on a mini version of this patriotic hanging.

Oh well...I am leaving it as is!

patriotic wall hanging using ribbon and denim  |  diy beautify

And smiling every time I walk by!

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patriotic wall hanging using ribbon and denim  |  diy beautify
Another project down...unlimited more to go!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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