Tie Dye Sugar Cookies

Soft sugar cookies with tie dyed frosting are the perfect treat anytime! See my tips for this easy frosting technique.

This recipe combines two of my very favorite summer time things...

Tie dye...

And sugar cookies!

These bright, colorful cookies are the perfect summer treat, and they make a fun and tasty gift to take to a friend! Or make them for a picnic!

I shared the recipe for these soft, scrumptious sugar cookies a couple of years ago. These are our family's favorite sugar cookie! We love making them all year round, for all occasions. 

Head here to find the sugar cookie recipe. You might be surprised at the 'secret' ingredient that keeps the cookies soft...I know I was! They bake up soft and tall.

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For these summer tie dye cookies, I used a large flower cookie cutter (I have a set like this one and I used the largest flower). 

Once your sugar cookies are cool, it's easy and fun to decorate them with a tie dye effect. You'll need a few simple baking tools and supplies to achieve this.



To create these tie dye cookies we are going to flood the icing, a simple technique that I'll show you in a minute.

But first, decide on the colors you want for your cookies. Divide the icing into 5 equal parts and mix the colors, leaving one white. The gel colors go a long way and you shouldn't need much to get a rich color.

Use red white and blue icing colors for cookies that look like fireworks are bursting on the tops!

Once the icing is the color you like, carefully add it to the plastic bottles using a spoon.

The white icing that you didn't dye goes into the plastic bag that you've fitted with the round tip.

Before we can flood the sugar cookies with colored icing, we need to create a barrier so the icing doesn't fall off the cookies.

Using the white icing, pipe a line around the edge of the cookies. (Do not heat this icing!)

Have your plastic bottles of colored icing ready to go.

The trick to this next step (flooding the icing) is to warm the icing before piping it onto the cookies.

Take the lid off the bottle you will use first and heat in the microwave for about 5-7 seconds. Replace the lid and shake the icing to the end of the bottle.

Then slowly and carefully squeeze out a line of icing, using the white line as a guide. The warm icing will spread out to the barrier and look really smooth and glossy.

Repeat this with the other colors...

Until you have filled the cookie with icing. You can see that it loses the flower shape fairly quickly, but it will still look awesome, I promise!

Take a toothpick and draw it through the colors from the center out to each of the petals.

Do only one cookie at a time! You can see in the cookie above that the icing had dried out a little because I had piped icing onto about three cookies before using the toothpick.

I may have needed to eat my mistakes! 😜

But when you do it right, it creates a beautiful, smooth and fluid tie dye look on the tops of your sugar cookies with no toothpick lines!

Aren't these sugar cookies fun?!

I had soo much fun making these tie dye sugar cookies...and my kids couldn't wait to eat them!

Tie dye sugar cookies for summer make everyone happy!


  • don't overheat the icing; but if you do, just let it rest for a minute or two to cool
  • work on dying one cookie at a time for the best tie dye results
  • if your icing cools too much, simply reheat again
  • before packaging the cookies, lay them on a cookie sheet and freeze for about an hour or until the icing hardens

I know you're really going to love making (and eating!) these tie dye sugar cookies!

They are so pretty and unique. Please let me know in the comments if you make them!

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I hope  you're having a fantastic summer! It'll be over before we know it, gotta make the most of it! 😎

bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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