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Sharing some changes and updates in the living room

living room updates | diy beautify

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Hi there friends. Have you been wondering what happened to me? I took a week off from blogging to get over strep throat and rest. These seasonal allergies have been killing me! Combine that with a throat infection and I needed to just lay low for a few days!

It's not in my nature to do nothing however, and this past week I've painted furniture, made several signs, worked on projects in my sunroom (the reveal will be posted shortly, I promise!) and even started on some Christmas projects!

Today I thought I'd pop in here and share a couple of updates in our living room.

Do you see anything new in this picture?

living room decor | diy beautify

If you noticed that I changed out the pillows and the sign between the shutters, you are correct! I love shopping my home; that is the benefit to having neutral furnishings that fit in any space.

The sign is new but not new.

A couple years ago, I turned a $5 thrift store frame into this sign to go in my office in our previous home. However, I never really loved it. I liked the diy driftwood treatment, but the letters on the quote were a disappointment. .

Note to self: short phrases are better than long ones!

I had some wood leftover from our wood walls that we just added to our sunroom, and an idea started spinning in my head.

I wonder...

The Timberchic wood fit right over the top of my DIY driftwood. I had to cut the pieces down to size, but it was easy with the chop saw and the peel and stick made it so quick. I whitewashed the boards so they'd be uniform in color (unlike my wood planked walls which look like this).

updating a sign | diy beautify
Then I created my design in PicMonkey and painted it on. Easy change and I love it!

I was inspired by a sign I saw on Instagram that had a portion of Ephesians 2:8 and it is such a meaningful verse! In case you don't understand the meaning, you'll have to look it up and read the entire verse. Ultimately, it's saying that it is God's grace that saves us through our faith in Him, it's not dependent on anything we can do or say or think; it doesn't matter if we try hard enough to be good. 

Nope, it's grace! And nothing but grace!

The frame was sanded down really well along the edges, revealing some of the turquoise blue that I had previously painted on it back when the sign looked like this. I also sanded right down to the bare wood in places, and I love the gritty, rustic look.

So, new sign! I moved the DIY clock into another room but I'll save that for another post.

industrial shutters and painted sign | diy beautify

shopping the house for new pillows | diy beautify

I haven't talked about it here on the blog, but Mr DIY and I visited Round Top again this fall. Oh, it was just as hot (if not hotter) than last year!

While we were literally melting, we did manage to score a few fun finds. One of my favorites was this rusted rose votive holder. They had white ones but they were more expensive, so when I got home I sprayed white paint onto the ends of mine and I love it!

rustic rusty rose votive holder | diy beautify

rusted rose votive holder | diy beautify

Lots of rusty goodness still shows through!

The newest update is something that arrived just yesterday. 

I've been looking and looking for the perfect coffee table. I wanted it to be rustic and a little industrial. Definitely with that farmhouse style that I love. And the kicker...the price. It had to be just right!

I've struck out for months and then I saw this beauty on Decor Steals...and it really was a steal! Great price, and only $5 shipping!!!

farmhouse coffee table in the living room | diy beautify

I put the table together myself in only 10 minutes or so. It has a faux concrete top that I love...and those legs 💙

concrete top rustic farmhouse coffee table  | diy beautify

The size is perfect for our sofa, and I think the overall look works so well in our living room! I just threw some things on top to take these pictures, but I'm excited to style this coffee table for all the seasons! It is so roomy too, much better than the small bench I had sitting there.

It's amazing how just a few changes can make such a dramatic difference in a space!

I challenge you to look around your own home and see what you might 'borrow' from one room for another. Shop your house before you go to the store! But if you're looking for great deals, online places like Decor Steals, Antique Farmhouse and even Amazon are great places to find affordable pieces.

Stay tuned for lots and lots of DIY goodness coming your way in the upcoming weeks! I have so much to share with y'all 🙂

Until then,

bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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  1. Those are some nice updates to the living room, it looks so clean and elegant. I will be making some changes to my living room on the weekend.

  2. Will you help me understand better how to paint this onto my wood?


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