Affordable and Durable Farmhouse Laminate Floors

These farmhouse laminate floors completely transformed our home! Find out where to buy them and how to install this affordable and durable flooring.

farmhouse laminate floors

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Welcome back friends! Today is the day when I get to share all the gorgeousness of our new Select Surfaces laminate wood floors! If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a walk-through video today in my stories; you might still be able to view it by clicking on the Instagram link.

We could not be happier with these new floors. The carpet in our combined living room/sun room spaces was dingy, and while it felt nice on our feet, stuff was always, always getting lost in the carpet...only to be stepped on later 😟 I'm not a big fan of carpet because it always feels dirty!

We took on this project by ourselves, with the help of our awesome kids who helped us to rip out the carpet and prep the space for the new laminate floors. You can read more about the process of prep and installing wood floors here.

How's this for pretty darn awesome though?

The planks we chose are the Driftwood shade in the Select Surfaces Elite collection, and they are a beautiful complement to the rest of our home. 

I think they look perfectly farmhouse with our white cabinets and neutral furnishings!

These wood floors are available at Sam's Club in a variety of shades, from dark to light and everywhere in-between, to suit all decor tastes and styles. You seriously won't believe the price! Each sturdy plank has a pre-attached foam backer, which makes installation easier. The Speedloc™ installation system is easy and fast; the planks literally snap together! We had a few challenges due to the nature of our room, but Mr DIY figured out how to work around it.

Select Surface laminates have an authentic looking hand-scraped look, which complements our modern farmhouse. I especially love how the wider planks look with my neutral furnishings and a true country farmhouse!

These do not look like laminate floors y'all! They look like they're 100 years old!

Aren't they gorgeous against our Timberchic wood walls in the sun room? I shared a tutorial for installing peel and stick reclaimed wood walls in case you missed it.

This shot below is a little over-exposed, but I wanted you to be able to see how the two rooms are connected. All the light that's flooding in is from the wall of windows in the sun room. 

Our living room used to end at the fireplace, but a previous homeowner turned the windows on either side into large cased openings and added a sun room at the back of our home...brilliant! We sure enjoy the extra space. In fact, my office is beside the sun room to the left, and I'll be working on a transformation in there soon! This room used to be so dark! We painted the paneling and bookcases, and I painted the brick fireplace to lighten it up. If you click on these links, you can see for yourself just how dark and dated it used to be! The new floors are like the cherry on top! 🍒

If you're looking to replace carpet but don't think you can afford wood floors, think again! I encourage you to go to Sam's Club and look at their options in person! I think you'll be surprised how affordable and beautiful wood floors can be!

I've got more projects up my sleeve, so stay tuned...

bringing beauty to the ordinary,
Disclosure: I was provided floors from the amazing folks at Select Surfaces
in exchange for this post; however, all opinions are 100% my own!


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  1. Absolutely AMAZING the look!

    1. Thank you, we love them! They are incredibly easy to maintain!

  2. Hi Cindy! love your floors 😍
    I am considering them for my living room & kitchen. How have they held up for you?? I have 4 kids & a dog and worried about them not being waterproof. Are yours showing much wear??

    1. Thanks so much Teri! We love our floors, they still look brand new! If you're wanting waterproof floors, I'd suggest going with the Spill Defense Collection which are waterproof. We used them in the front of our home, and the Barnwood is a perfect match to the Driftwood! You will love them!


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