How to Make a Plant Stand From Your Neighbor's Garbage Pile

An antique washstand that was found in the trash is recycled into a cottage white plant stand
washstand pieces before
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Do you like a good story?

One with a happily ever after?

Oh too!

This is the story of a marriage...nope, not mine this time. It's the story of how completely unrelated items became a cohesive whole. Today is Part 1 of a 2-part story 😉

Interested? Read on!!!

I've got eagle eyes on garbage day! And when I spotted barley twist legs poking out of the grass recently, I slammed on the brakes!

I was delighted to find these antique pieces on the curb. I thought they were once part of a men's butler or chevalier mirror. Thank you to two savvy readers who let me know they were an antique washstand!

This 'garbage' was in pretty great shape, the mirror was even intact!

A few months after this awesome find, I thought of something I could do with some of the pieces.

discarded antique washstand

I had Mr DIY marry the above pieces into a 3-legged plant stand. After gluing the two half rounds together with wood glue and clamping it until dry, he used large bolts to attach the 3 legs. That ensured that this DIY plant stand would be sturdy.

I pulled out my favorite white chalk paint and gave it a couple of coats with my much-loved and well-used Purdy brush. The short handle makes getting into tight corners so much easier!

3-legged plant stand painted white

When the weather is nice (like our Spring has been), I love to paint outside!

painting a DIY plant stand

Once the paint was dry, I used a sanding sponge to lightly distress small areas.

distressing the edges with a sanding sponge

The last step was to wax the top just to give it a little protection.  Lately I've been loving using white wax over my white painted projects...less chance of yellowing!

 And just like that, this darling plant stand was created!
DIY plant stand trash to treasure antique
This was a fun trash to treasure project, but the story doesn't end here! Those barley twist legs got a makeover too! Click here to see another trash to treasure recycle project.

I hope all you moms had a blessed Mother's Day! I was delighted to help create photo booths at our church for's a little peek....

DIY pallet photo booth

bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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  1. Those are parts to a wash stand, some pieces are missing. It used to hold a lg. pitcher and bowl for washing.

  2. jo, you beat me to it as it is a vintage wash stand :}

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful


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