Modern Farmhouse Office Makeover

How we Created an Office with Farmhouse Charm

office makeover

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It's finally time to share my modern farmhouse office makeover with you! This room turned out even better than expected, and there were a few pleasant surprises along the way, which I'll share in a little bit.

Before I share any more pretty pics, let's take a look back at where this office makeover started.


I can't believe I just showed you that picture!

Don't be too harsh with me! You know we ALL have that one room where junk piles up! This was that room for us...and I still somehow managed to write and edit in the midst of this chaos!

But it wasn't fun. It wasn't enjoyable. It was stressful to work in the midst of a big mess!

We took a couple weeks to turn it all around and create a beautiful space where I am inspired! Where I am surrounded by beautiful things. A space that is orderly, organized and peaceful.


This room is interesting in that it's not just a big square box. It has angles, a window seat and a large window looking out over our pretty back yard. It already had lots of character which was enhanced by a fresh coat of white paint...and some more exciting additions!

I am very, very fortunate to be married to a man who, while he doesn't love DIY projects, is capable and willing to do things for me! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

BIG ripping out carpet and laying beautiful new farmhouse floors and installing a shiplap wall! My office is adjacent to our sunroom, which recently got an entire makeover...and the living room. The gorgeous farmhouse floors Mr DIY installed run throughout all these spaces, which really unifies them.

shiplap wall

Once those big, foundational projects were completed, and the furniture was moved back into place, it was time to add my personality (aka "stuff") to the office...definitely my favorite part of any room makeover!

modern farmhouse office

I'll be honest, I like stuff! And my home can tend to look cluttered! I knew that I wanted a serene work environment...but I didn't want it to feel sterile!

As I started bringing items back into the room, it became very clear that I needed to purge...again!  I forced myself to whittle my craft supplies down to a manageable chunk and only kept those items that I know I will use...or am too attached to get rid of!

Previously, these two bookcases were on either side of the big window. We moved them to this formation, which I prefer because now craft supplies are pretty much in the same corner of the room. I lightened the insides of the bookcases using this trick.

bookcase storage

My desk is placed in the middle of the room, looking out over the backyard. I loooove my desk! It's got a great big work surface, without being too wide! A pull-out shelf at either end adds function and there is a handy drawer for necessities! Plus, it's just beautiful!

window seat

The left side of the room, with the shiplap wall, has an antique cabinet filled with more crafting supplies. Chicken wire and lace help to disguise what's inside. When everything has its place, it's so much easier to keep a room from getting cluttered.

shiplap wall

I knew I wanted a rug, something colorful, and I found this bohemian beauty on Overstock. I love how the bright colors enhance the whole room. Millie clearly enjoys it too ๐Ÿ˜‰

bohemian rug

That same week, while cruising the aisles of HomeGoods, I was pleasantly surprised to find a blue velour office chair that matched the rug perfectly! Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it's on castors...which is very nice!

Once those pieces were in place, I shopped my home for additional aqua the shutter that previously held magazines, and the vintage blue light fixture that was hanging in our sitting room.

It all came together beautifully to create an office where I can work in comfort, surrounded by order and beauty! I am already inspired!

I'll be sharing some additional office projects in the weeks to come, and as you can imagine...I've already moved a few things around!

As promised, here are the shopping sources for some specific items in the room.


bringing beauty to the ordinary,

Disclaimer: The flooring and blinds in this room were provided by Select Surfaces Inc and Blindster (respectively). As always, all opinions are my own!

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