Rae Dunn Inspired Coasters in Four Easy Steps

Make DIY Rae Dunn inspired coasters for any season using my tips and tiles from the hardware store. Great gift idea for any Dunn fans!
Rae Dunn set of simple coasters
Updated 4/2024

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Good morning! Are you ready for another easy Fall/Halloween tutorial?

This one is for all my fellow Rae Dunn fans, although it can certainly be adapted to suit anyone!

Why you'll love these tile coasters

These DIY coasters are affordable, customizable and so easy to make! They make wonderful gifts, especially for that person who's tricky to buy for! Customize their set of coasters for a truly unique gift idea! 

How to make Rae Dunn inspired coasters

You are going to love how easy these coasters are to make, let's get started!

Supplies needed:


These tiles are so much fun to transform into usable and super cute coasters! They're already glossy white, which is the perfect background for your black skinny Rae Dunn-inspired words.

Step 1

The first thing you'll need to do is paint the edges of the tiles black. The edges are not sealed, and they just don't look great left alone. But a simple coat of black paint makes them really stand out!

I didn't tape, just painted the edges free-hand. I kept a piece of damp paper towel to wipe off any excess paint that I got on the front. I didn't worry about the back because that's going to be covered with cork anyway!

Step 2

Open up your Silhouette machine or Cricut. I like the font THE SKINNY (available for free download here) because it looks very much like the Rae Dunn font. I use the regular one, not the bold.

Decide what words you want to use on your coasters. The tiles are 4" square, so create your cut file accordingly. I believe that my letters are about 2" tall. You can choose to fill the tile, or make the words a little smaller.

Cut out letters onto black craft vinyl.

Step 3

Use transfer paper to transfer your letters to your tiles, one at a time. I centered my fall ones, but chose to offset my Halloween ones, as you'll see a little further down. This amazing transfer paper is the key to getting your vinyl words centered every time!

transfer paper

Step 4

The last step is to cut cork to fit and glue to the back. I find the cork that is sold in rolls is easy to cut with scissors. You don't want anything too thick or you'll have a hard time cutting it!

cork backs

Just like that you have an adorable set of Rae Dunn inspired coasters, perfect for any occasion! Customize them to suit the recipient!

Rae Dunn inspired PUMPKIN SPICE coasters

easy Rae Dunn inspired coasters DIY

Tie with a piece of twine for gifting.

make your own Rae Dunn items!

After being unsuccessful finding any Fall Rae Dunn items in stores, I made my own! The pumpkin and the PUMPKIN SPICE mug above are both vinyl cut outs!

Rae Dunn Halloween coasters DIY

This Halloween set turned out really cute!

black edges

If you're already planning for Christmas, you can check out my Rae Dunn inspired ornament tutorial, which gives you tips for getting letters to lay flat on a round surface! I've also done Rae Dunn Easter eggs!

Please PIN this image and share this tutorial with a friend who loves Rae Dunn too! Of course, if you're not a Dunn fan, you can use any font to create beautiful coasters! They make great gifts.

Easy Rae Dunn inspired coasters to make!

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  1. WOW. Thank you.
    Can't believe that I actually won. So exciting
    Thank you

    1. Congratulations Colleen, I just mailed your package so you should have it by Friday ;)

  2. These look great!!! I was wondering if you could tell me which kind of silhouette machine you have. I know you posted a link but Amazon gives me so many to choose from and I dont need any bundle stuff. Just the machine and probably the black paper to print. I really want to make these.

    1. Sure, I have the Silhouette Cameo. I bought the bundle because there are so many awesome freebies that come with it. But really, any one of them will work. I used to have the Cricut, and when it died I bought the smaller Silhouette Portrait. That lasted several years but I always felt limited by the smaller size. So that's why I bought the Cameo. Hope this helps!


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