DIY Pedestal Bed Tray

I'm sharing how I repurposed some wood pieces to make this cottage style breakfast bed tray in a soft jade green.
cozy daybed with pedestal bed tray

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We are officially into October, but it's still feeling like deep summer here in TX. It may be blazing outside, but I still love to add cozy feels inside! Today's project encompasses some of my favorite things. I thought it only fitting that this cozy daybed should have a pedestal bed tray for snacks, drinks, etc. It was super easy to make and ups the cottage appeal in our charming sunroom!

I actually built this pedestal bed tray a couple years ago after purchasing 2 vintage table legs at a flea market. I cut each table leg in half and simply screwed them into the base of a scrap of wood I found in my garage. This is a really easy beginner project! You could also use unfinished turned legs like these ones that are very affordable.

bed tray with tall legs

It was cute, but never felt quite right. The legs always looked off to me...they look a little gangly, if you know what I mean 😏 So last week I had Mr DIY cut them waaay down so only the cutest part remained!

bed tray with short legs

Aren't they cute now? After giving the cut edges a light sanding, I used lightweight spackling to fill in the screws on the top of the tray, and give it a flat surface.

cover screws with spackle

Then came the fun part...paint! I was torn between two or green. In the end, I decided to paint the bed tray this soft jade green (Mint Julep by Dixie Belle) chalk paint. There's already a lot of blue in this space, so a little pop of unexpected color was called for, and it's such a great cottage-y color that feels just right in this space filled with windows!

paint choices

After the paint dried, I lightly sanded everything and wiped on a coat of Big Momma's Butta by Dixie Belle (an eco-friendly, all natural alternative to wax that smells like oranges!). I buffed it off with a lint-free rag and set it aside to cure for a few days.

chalk paint and wax

I am loving how this simple pedestal bed tray has elevated my lazy lounging experience! 😍 Now I can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a snack without worrying about spills. Talk about a nice way to relax and have a little "me" time!

vintage style cottage daybed is perfect for relaxing

The pedestal bed tray provides a nice flat surface to rest a snack, a book, even a plant! It's not quite a lap desk, because now the legs are too short for that, so keep that in mind when you're building your own. Decide what you need. This works perfectly for my needs!

DIY pedestal bed tray with book

bed tray with tea set in blue and white

If you need me, I'll just be hanging out here!

daybed with cottage charm

See how easy that was?


DIY pedestal bed tray on cozy daybed
Mr DIY and I are getting away to Colorado for a few days this week...a little belated Anniversary trip. It's supposed to snow the day we fly into Denver, so maybe we'll get to do a little skiing?! 😃 #soexcited

I'll be sharing another furniture post later this antique cabinet that I took to bold new heights (with color, anyway!) See you then!

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  1. Love your bed tray.
    The tray would also work great sitting on the dining table when having a big buffet for family / friends to set food items on. There are times when some things could use just a bit of height to add interest to the buffet.
    I must admit, I do have a big collection of cake stands but something like this would work great for football parties, or just a casual gathering.
    Thank You.


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