20 Christmas Finds From Walmart for Under $20!

Turn your home into a winter wonderland with these amazing finds from Walmart, all under $20! 
Walmart Christmas finds

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Welcome friend! Wow did October fly by; it's hard to believe we're already into November! My house is looking a little chaotic as I start decorating for Christmas...okay, let's be honest...it looks like Santa's workshop threw up all over my home! 🎅🎄 It always takes me a good week, sometimes longer, to fully decorate for Christmas! I've got my trees up and lighted, and will start decorating them tomorrow. Are you an early decorator? Or do you wait?

As you start thinking about decorating for the holidays, I wanted to share 20 amazing, budget-friendly finds for Christmas with you today, all from Walmart! I've so been impressed with the way Walmart is stepping up their game and coming out with on-trend, beautiful items for the home. And the prices are truly amazing!

We have a small Walmart (in our small town), so I wasn't able to find many of these items in person...but shopping at Walmart.com is a whole 'nother ball game! That's where all the good stuff is! If you're lucky to live in a large town with great selection, make sure you get there early because these items are sure to go quickly!

20 Christmas Home Decor Finds from Walmart for $20 or less

No. 1: rustic bark tabletop Christmas tree

This cute tree is only $12.98! You can find it here. I love the simplicity, the shape, everything about it! It doesn't scream Christmas, so this is an item you could leave up all winter!
rustic bark tree

No. 2: snowy owl Christmas wreath

How sweet is this little owl wreath?! At only $19.98, it's a great deal and would look amazing on a front door, a Christmas mantle, or you could layer a wreath over a shutter! You can find it here, along with all its winter cousins!
snowy owl wreath

No. 3: galvanized mailbox

This tabletop mailbox is only $19.98 and is so charming! Have your kids write letters to Santa and drop it in the mailbox! Find this mailbox here.
galvanized mailbox

No. 4: rustic bark reindeer

If you're into rustic decor, this deer would make a perfect complement! It's only $12.98, you can find it here, along with a standing reindeer too. I could see this on a coffee table, sitting on a hearth or table in the entryway. It's rustic but very elegant.
rustic bark reindeer

No. 5: fresh cut Christmas trees sign

You guys, I can't make signs this cheap! Fresh cut Christmas trees beautiful sign for only $9.99. See it here. So many ways to use this!
fresh cut Christmas trees sign

No. 6: farm fresh Christmas trees pillow

I am dying for this pillow, and at only $12.98 I just double checked and it's already out of stock 😢 But I'm leaving it in my list because it's just so good! You can check on availability here. Hopefully Walmart gets it back in stock soon because I need one!
farm fresh Christmas trees pillow

No. 7: pine trees with red and white striped base 

This is a set of two trees, in burlap wrapped bases, for only $15.96! TWO trees! I want these, they are so cute, I absolutely adore the red and white burlap! Find them here.
pine trees with red and white burlap bases

No. 8: wood lantern with chicken wire

This wood lantern is a steal at $15.98, see it here! I'm loving the chicken wire, and the little knob at the top. Just pop a candle inside and call it done! Perfect for the porch, fireplace, even under the tree!
wood lantern with chicken wire

No. 9: buffalo check throw

Not strictly holiday, but buffalo check is so on trend right now! You'll be seeing more in my home when I share my Christmas decor! This lightweight cotton throw is only $15.99, see it here. I'm sure you know a few people who would love to find this under the tree, it would make a great gift idea!
buffalo check throw

No. 10: cedar tree with red striped metal bucket

Another cute tree, this one is 24" tall. I love the metal bucket with the red stripe. It's a nice, small size, perfect for tucking in an corner or nook! Find it here for only $12.98.
cedar tree in red striped metal bucket

No. 11: red striped ribbon

Ribbon is a staple in my home for the holidays! I use it to decorate my tree, hang wreaths, tie around gifts, etc. You get a double roll of 15' ribbons (that's 30 feet for only $8.98!) and there are lots of style and colors to choose from. Find this ribbon here.
red striped holiday ribbon

No. 12: buffalo plaid trio of trees

Isn't this the cutest set of buffalo check trees? You get all three trees for only $11!!! I really don't think I could make them for that cheap! They would be adorable pretty much anywhere, but especially in a child's room! Find the plaid trees here.
buffalo check trees

No. 13: snowy rustic house

I love the charm and details on this rustic house! It looks cozy and inviting, doesn't it? It's only $14.98. This is another decor item that you could enjoy all winter long! Find it here.
snowy rustic house

No. 14: comfort and joy hanging sign

This sign is a whopping 18"x12"!! That's huge for only $12.98! I love the trendy stripe, and the contrast of the black and white! Hang it up outside to welcome guests, or hang it in place of a regular piece of artwork! Perfect on the mantle too! Find this sign, and a bunch more like it, here.
striped Christmas sign

No. 15: frosted wreath with berries and pinecones

Here's a frosted 24" wreath for $20. I am loving everything flocked and frosted, and the berries add such a nice pop of color! You can see this wreath here.
frosted wreath with berries

No. 16: tabletop tree in metal bucket

I couldn't resist including another cute tree in a metal bucket! This one is $14.98, and it looks like a winter herb. I could see this in a kitchen, either on the counter or as a table centerpiece. You can find it here.
tabletop tree in red striped metal bucket

No. 17:  red and black pinecone ornaments

Here's a set of 4 glass pine cones for $11.96. I love the texture on these, they're unusual and the sugary coating makes them sparkle! Find these ornaments here.
glass pine cone ornaments

No. 18: holiday gingerbread bakery pillow

Here's another adorable Christmas pillow for only $12.98. Know someone who loves to bake? Wouldn't this make a great gift! Find it here.
Christmas gingerbread bakery pillow

No. 19: red metal lantern

This red metal lantern made the cut in my top 20 Christmas finds because it's simple, classic and it's x-large. You can't find an 18" lantern for only $19.98 very often! I love a pair of these flanking the front door on the porch. Find this lantern here.
red metal lantern

No. 20: flannel reindeer set

Three words...flannel, plaid, reindeer!!!! At only $13.44, this set of three tabletop reindeer is a great deal! I love their stick legs and their scarves! Find them here.
flannel reindeer set

BONUS!! No. 21: red and white Merry Christmas pillow

I couldn't resist another pillow! At only $12.98, this pillow is a steal! I am a huge fan of red and white for Christmas, and this pillow ticks all the boxes for me! Find it here.
Merry Christmas red and whitie pillow

Can you even believe that every one of these Christmas items is from Walmart? I love that you can decorate your home for cheap, and all from the comfort of your living room! Save more money by having your items ship to store, so you get free shipping!

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Christmas steals from Walmart

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  1. Thanks for the so-affordable inspiration! Really cute items - I hope I'm not too late to get those tabletop trees, love them!

    1. You are welcome, I love all the cute decor this year!! Such an improvement! Good luck with the trees!


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