Make a Farmhouse Christmas Wreath for $10

This DIY Christmas wreath is quick to make, budget-friendly and will add a classic farmhouse Christmas welcome to your front door!

DIY Christmas wreath

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Hey hey beautiful friend! It's November, and that means the start of all things Christmas! ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„๐ŸคถI've got a sweet Christmas wreath to share with you today. It's made with red farmhouse ticking stripes. My home just doesn't feel Christmas-ey without a little (or a lot) of red! 

I think you'll agree that the red stripes on this wreath are perfect! Who doesn't love ticking stripes? They're classic farmhouse!

You can make a Christmas wreath for cheap!

I'm going to share the steps to make this wreath below, but first of all, let me just tell you how much I spent to make this wreath. Although I gave it away in the title, this Christmas wreath cost me less than $10 to make! Yes, really!

I know, amazing right? I've got a few tips and tricks to share with you so you too can make a fun, colorful Christmas wreath without breaking the bank, even if you don't have some of the basic supplies that I already had. And this wreath isn't's a good 18"!

As I've been thinking about decorating for the holidays, I knew I needed a new Christmas wreath for my front door, but it had to be easy and inexpensive!

I've been sick in bed for the last 2 weeks, and didn't have the energy for a difficult project! And I promise you that if I could make this wreath while multi-tasking (sneezing, blowing nose, coughing and taking breaks on the couch), I know that you can make it too! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

How to Make a Christmas Wreath for Under $10

To keep this wreath well under budget, I made two important choices:

  1. I used a wire wreath base (because they're so inexpensive!) and
  2. I made my own ribbon using fabric.

I'll add a supplies list at the end of the post, but let's get started!

How to make your own fabric ribbon

I had a yard of red ticking stripe fabric in my craft stash. You won't need a whole yard to make this wreath, you only need about 1/5 of a yard. But go ahead and buy a yard because you might want to make some Christmas pillow covers with the remainder of the fabric! I used these red striped pillows in my romantic and cozy Christmas bedroom.

I measured 10" of my fabric and tore it into five 2" lengths. Why tear fabric? Because it's the easiest way to not only get perfectly straight pieces, but you also get a little fray on the edges, which is quintessentially farmhouse!

Here's how easy it is to tear fabric: 

Measure 2" from one edge and make a small 1-inch snip with your scissors. Then just grab both sides and tear! You'll have a few strings to throw away from each edge, but you'll also be left with perfectly frayed and even edges (very difficult to get with scissors).


It's that easy to make your own fabric ribbon! Of course, you could always purchase real red ticking stripe ribbon to save time.

Decide on a wreath base

Now, let me explain what was going on in my head while coming up with this wreath.

I mentioned I was sick, and really didn't want to head out to the store to purchase supplies. I had a 12" straw wreath form and initially thought I would use that. However, just look at how stumpy it looks...not the look I was going for with my large wreath!

wrong base

I also needed tissues, more bananas and I decided on some one-stop shopping at Walmart, hoping I could find what I needed to make this Christmas wreath extra cute.

I found an 18" wire wreath form, and some Christmas decorative elements for the wreath (I didn't end up using them all). Everything was so cheap, and I came home super excited to finish this wreath.

I started by wrapping the wire wreath base in some wide burlap ribbon that I already had, overlapping the edges and securing in place with a pin. I wanted to pad the wire a little before I added my striped ribbon.

wrap wire base with burlap ribbon

The ticking stripe ribbon was next, and I overlapped it as I went, pulling snug to keep it secure and going in the same direction. When I ran out of one length, I simple overlapped the next one at the back and kept wrapping. I secured it at the end with a straight pin. You could definitely use hot glue. It took 4 fabric strips to wrap my wreath.

wrap fabric around wreath

Add decorations

Now that my wreath was wrapped, it was time to add decorations. These are the ones I bought from Walmart. Everything was $1-2 and the snowy pine cones were $3. I didn't end up using everything, but it's always best to have too much than not enough!! Every year Walmart just keeps getting better! In a few days I'll share some of my favorite finds for Christmas from Walmart, all under $20!

supplies to decorate wreath

I decided to add a cluster of decor to just one side of the wreath. Using my wire snips, I cut down the pine cone stem to a more manageable length and placed my elements on the wreath to see how it looked and make any adjustments as needed. You can see that I snipped off the shortest berry stem and moved it below the pine cones.

arrange picks

I was happy with it, so I used some craft wire to secure the stems to the wreath base. Again, hot glue is an option.

secure with wire

Make a bow

I had one piece of striped fabric ribbon left, so I formed a simple bow. Then I created another bow from some wired faux burlap ribbon

make bows

I wired the two ribbons together and hot glued it onto my wreath, just under the decorative elements. The tails of the bows disguise the ends of the stems.

hot glue bows to wreath

So easy right? Cute and inexpensive, plus I love that it's a large wreath! I haven't hung it on my front door yet but it will be going up soon!

farmhouse Christmas wreath

red ticking stripe Christmas wreath

Supplies to make this Christmas wreath

If you love this wreath, here is a similar non-Christmas version that you will love too!

Pin this image for future reference!

DIY farmhouse Christmas wreath with red ticking fabric

I cannot wait to get this wreath on my front door, and dig in to all the other Christmas crafts and projects that right now are just ideas swirling in my head! Make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss anything!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

bringing beauty to the ordinary, 

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  1. Your wreath is so pretty and I love the farmhouse style. Making your own ribbon is such a money saver. It looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks Jenny, yes the DIY ribbon was a great way to save money on this wreath!

  2. Wow!! What a stunning wreath! And you made it on a great budget too! Love it!

    1. Thanks Christine, I love to challenge myself to make something as affordably as possible!

  3. Super cute and AFFORDABLE (my favorite thing, lol).

  4. Love that you made it from fabric instead of pre-made ribbon!

  5. Love that you made it from fabric instead of pre-made ribbon!

  6. I love me some red and white stripes all year round. Your Christmas wreath is so lovely. The cost is my taste, too :)

  7. I love this wreath!! I am changing up my Holiday colors this year a bit, but am so drawn still to red, white and green! Lovely wreath!!

    1. Thank you Katrin! There's something about red and white that's so appealing at Christmas!


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