Farmhouse Valentines Heart Shaped Coasters

These easy heart rope coasters cost just a couple bucks to make. They add farmhouse texture and style perfect for Valentines Day! Learn how to make them following the video and a step by step tutorial with pictures below.
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I love hearts. I love chocolate and candy. I love heart-shaped chocolate and candy! 💗💗

But I don't always love Valentines Day decor. There, I said it.

There's something about the combo of red and pink that just rubs me the wrong way. I love red (just look at any of my Christmas decor!) and I love pink, just not together.

So in preparation for this Valentines Day, I'm going to be sharing lots and lots of easy, inexpensive DIYs. They might be red, they might be pink, but I can almost guarantee that they won't be both!!

Valentines Day Coasters

The first project is these neutral Valentines Day coasters. They have fabulous farmhouse texture and could easily be left out all year...who doesn't need a subtle nod to love?!

Video Tutorial

Watch my full video tutorial below, and then if you need to you can finish reading the step by step instructions below.

How to Make Valentines Coasters with Rope

These coasters are very sturdy and the felt bottom ensures they won't scratch your coffee table. I'm sharing the dimensions I used below as well as tips to getting the best results.

Supplies Needed for this Project

  • rope from Dollar Tree (each bundle makes two coasters)
  • felt sheets
  • scissors
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • pen or marker
  • sheet of card stock (should be thicker than regular printer paper)

Step 1

Fold card stock in half and freehand a half heart shape. Cut out. Trace heart template onto felt and cut out.

In the video I said that I traced the heart...I didn't, I freehand drew it! Why do we say weird things that aren't true when we're being video taped? 😜

Step 2

Heat up glue gun. Cut one end of the rope at a slight angle.

Step 3

Hot glue the rope onto the bottom of the felt heart.

Continue gluing a small section at a time. When you start on the second row of rope, make sure to squeeze the rope snugly to the section before it so you don't get any gaps in your coaster.

Step 5

Keep wrapping until felt is covered. If you need help, follow instructions in the video for finishing the heart.

Tip: use the tip of scissors to press ends of rope into coaster to secure.

Step 6

Trim any excess felt and rope fuzzies. Or refer to video to see how I quickly removed them.

It goes without saying, but Please exercise Caution when using hot tools!!

These easy Valentines coasters look just as nice from the back...

I am enjoying using these with my Rae Dunn mugs, they are just the right size! Here are the dimensions that I cut my card stock template. Please note the finished coaster will be slightly larger than the template!

These DIY heart coasters also stack beautifully, which makes them a wonderful gift for someone special this Valentines Day!

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Aren't those fun? I hope you make a set of heart shaped rope coasters, they are quite satisfying! And don't miss my velvet yarn version of these coasters, they turned out just as cute!

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  1. The idea is good. It's very meaningful to send such a gift on Valentine's day. After all, it's made by myself, and the meaning is even different.I put your blog in the tag for easy viewing


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