Pink Yarn Heart Coasters

Make a set of heart coasters for Valentines using fluffy yarn and felt! A fast and inexpensive DIY that would also make a sweet gift!

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If you're looking for a super cute and affordable Valentines DIY that you can make in under 30 minutes, this is it! Soft coasters made from just two supplies - felt and craft yarn!


I've made heart shaped coasters before using rope, but when we moved this past summer, I have no idea where I put them. We are in a temporary rental and haven't unpacked all the boxes.

So I decided to make another set of heart shaped coasters, this time using the softest blush pink velvet yarn. I found this yarn on sale at Michaels for only $5 (for a huge ball). I've already used some of the yarn to craft these fluffy yarn tassels with wood beads that I'm using on my vintage Valentines tree.

How to Make Velvet Yarn Heart Coasters

I promise this is a fast craft and something you'll be excited to pull out each year around this time! Gotta love when you make something that's also functional!

Let me show you how to make these yarn coasters.


What is the cardstock for?

We're going to make a heart template using a piece of cardstock. If you've never made a heart this way, it's easy! Lightly fold the cardstock in half and draw half a heart along the fold. Cut the shape out with scissors. When you open the paper, you have a perfect heart!

My heart template measures 5-1/2" wide x 4-3/4" high for reference. You can make yours any size you want, this is a good size for a mug. It also is the right size to be able to cut 4 hearts out of a single piece of felt!

Trace and cut hearts

Trace the heart stencil with a pencil (or pen) onto the piece of felt and cut out four hearts. The felt hearts will be the backs of our coasters, but also the base that we build the coasters on.

Glue yarn onto felt heart

Start gluing the yarn end onto the bottom edge of a heart, and continue around the perimeter. When you get back to where you started, make a new row.
Tips for yarn coasters:
  • keep the rows of yarn as close together as possible
  • only add a couple inches of glue at a time
  • keep turning the heart as you cover the felt

As you get closer to the center, the shape of the heart will start to distort. Don't worry about that, just continue gluing the yarn. Keep in mind that the fluffy yarn will need to be pushed aside so you can finish gluing yarn in the top points of the heart.

Cut yarn when you have about 1/2" of felt left and glue end of yarn down into that final hole in the felt.

Seals ends of yarn

If you're using velvet or fluffy yarn like I am, once you cut it, the ends want to fray. To prevent that from happening to that very first end you glued down at the bottom of the heart, use a lighter to carefully heat and melt the fibers. You want to keep the flame moving at all times so as not to scorch the yarn! We don't want black yarn! Just enough to melt the fibers together so they won't continue to unravel.

As you quickly move the flame over the yarn a couple times, you will be able to see the fluffy, fraying edges dissolve. At that point, stop!

These yarn and felt coasters are so easy to craft, and I love how they look like vintage chenille!

Yarn heart coasters are perfect to stack and keep on your nightstand, coffee table, or wherever you need a coaster. But they're so cute, you might want to make more to use in other ways.

Additional ideas to decorate with yarn hearts

  1. Glue a small loop of ribbon to the felt before adding yarn to make these hangable
  2. Hang yarn hearts from peg hooks
  3. Add yarn hearts to a wreath (make them a little smaller)
  4. Use them as ornaments on a Valentines tree
  5. Tie one onto the top of a package

Are yarn coasters washable?

I would exercise caution with washing these coasters. While they are absorbent, I don't know how well they would wash. If you do need to wash them, I would do it by hand in cool water and be very gentle (squeeze them) and let them air dry flat.

I hope I've inspired you to make a set of yarn coasters to enjoy this Valentines season!

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  1. These coasters are too cute!

  2. These coasters are too cute!

  3. These are the cutest coasters and I love the yarn you used.

    1. Thank you Sonya, the yarn is so fluffy and soft, it was nice to work with!

  4. So sweet, love the colour of these coasters too :)

  5. I want to sit here with a fresh, hot coffee under a blanket using one of those decadent coasters. Just the look of them makes me feel cozier! They're decadent!


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