Fluffy Farmhouse DIY Tassels for Wood Bead Garland

These large fluffy farmhouse tassels are made from something unexpected I found at the dollar store. I'm sharing a video tutorial for making the tassels and tips for attaching them to your wood bead garland.
beaded garland and tassels

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Happy Friday! I feel like we haven't had a normal week since Christmas break, and the long weekend, while wonderful, just made it that much more difficult to get back into the groove! Are you with me? Thank you Jesus for coffee!!! ❤❤❤

Today I'm excited to share this dollar store DIY with you! These fluffy farmhouse tassels turned out so much better than expected, and you'll be surprised what I made them from!

Video Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial so you can watch the process as it happens. Please let me know how you're enjoying my videos, I've been trying to do more of them and would LOVE your feedback! I'm sharing a supplies list below as well as some more styled pictures of these fluffy tassels!

Supplies for making farmhouse tassels

Tips for Best Results

  • Make sure to double your string! This gives a sturdy foundation to the tassel garland.
  • Cut string longer than you think you'll need, allowing at least 6-12" at each end for attaching tassels to the beaded garland.

farmhouse Valentines day vignette

I love the fluffiness of these tassels and the neutral color! They go with literally every single thing in my farmhouse decor and add that gorgeous texture we all love!

fluffy farmhouse tassels

Whether you use natural beads or painted ones for your garland, I know you'll be really happy with these inexpensive tassels!

wood bead garland with fluffy tassels

Let me know if you make these dollar store mop tassels!

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wood bead garland with fluffy tassels

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  1. Please keep making your videos! I think you are such a likable person and the videos are informative.

    1. Thanks SO MUCH Cyndi!! That is so helpful and sweet!!

  2. I'm so happy that you are doing tutorials!! You explain everything so well and watching you actually work on the project lets me know that I can do it too! I enjoy your blog.. thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Lila! It does help to watch someone, doesn't it? I appreciate your comment!!

  3. I just watched your Dollar Tree "mop head" tassels today. I'm getting ready to head out to DT to get some supplies. You are wonderful explaining the steps. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Really fun video, Cindy! I'll have to run by Dollar Tree on the way home tomorrow and check out their mops. :) Been a while since I've made tassels (I made very small ones for a rose petal craft a number of years back).

    Thanks for the refresher!
    Barb :)


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