Tips to Create a Bright and Cozy Winter Home

I'm sharing 5 ideas to brighten and cozy up your winter home so it feels warm and inviting!

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Winter can be not only cold, but dark and dreary. Blah is one word that sums it up! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite tips and ideas to make your winter home feel warm, cozy and inviting...even when the weather is anything but!

How to Decorate for Winter with Bright and Cozy Decor

In my recent giveaway, I asked you what your biggest challenge was in decorating for the winter months. I got over 60 responses and the majority of you said that your home felt empty and cold after Christmas. You wanted to know how to bring life to your winter decor and make it feel cozy and inviting.

I'm tackling that challenge today with 5 ideas to create a bright and cozy home even during the bleak days of winter!

I'm sharing these ideas using my living room as the focus. I did a little UN-arranging and removed many decorative items so we are starting with a blank slate. If you're visual like me, you'll easily be able to look at the before and after pictures and get a very good idea how my suggestions make a huge difference in creating a cozy and inviting living space, even in the dead of winter!

Let's start with my before pictures. Now, I didn't remove anything from my built-ins because that would have been WAY too much work! So just pretend that is a blank wall.

This room has good bones, nice wood floors and neutral furniture. And, remember we're not including the wall decor in our assessment. Aside from that it feels a little cold and lacking in personality.

Tip #1: Add a Colorful Rug

This tip is number 1 for a will make the biggest impact in your home! With just a few simple additions, I took this room from blah and WOW!

The biggest wow factor is definitely my new Delphina Delft Blue rug from Ruggable. You guys, I cannot say enough about this rug! The bright blue color and the design is 100% my style, and not only does it add a bright pop of color and vibrance to this room, but it adds warmth and coziness as well! Because even though we live in Texas, our wood floors feel cold on our feet during the winter months!

I need to talk to you about this rug for a sec, because you may remember another rug in this room. Last year I purchased a cream rug for this space and we really liked it. However, with a pup in the house, the rug got dirty and started to smell. It's not easy to clean an 8 x 10 rug! Even though it was an indoor/outdoor rug, dragging it outside to hose it down was a huge job!

I needed another alternative.

A Washable Rug Solved my Problem

When I found out that Ruggable rugs are machine washable, I was all in!! The thought of an 8 x 10 rug that can be tossed in the wash when it's dirty blows my mind! Not only is it washable, it's spill and stain resistant, non slip and non toxic.

It's an ingenious design really! The rugs come in 2 pieces, the first is a non slip layer which you don't see. The design part of the rug attaches to the first layer with velcro. It's simple to take it off and throw it in the washing machine and dryer when it gets dirty!  Click the link to check out Ruggable, and use code FUNBEAUTIFY!% for 15% off your entire order! Just think, you can have a couple of different covers to switch out the look in your room, rather than buying a completely new rug!

A colorful rug can change the entire feel of the room. My family remarked how much brighter it feels in this space with the addition of the blue rug!

Millie and I are both relieved that our stinky rug problem is not a problem any longer!! 😉🐶 And I am thrilled that this rug adds a welcome brightness and color to our otherwise mostly neutral living room!

Tip #2: Add Textiles

When it's cold outside, cozy rugs, blankets and pillows not only make the room more comfy, but they add a warm ambiance to the room! Pillows piled on a sofa immediately make you want to snuggle in! In addition to throws and pillows, think sheepskin rugs, quilts, floor pillows...basically anything soft and warm will add softness and warmth to your room! Think patterns that you love! Big cabbage roses on a pillow cover, buffalo check, gingham, whatever makes you smile! When you feel comfortable and happy in a space, you just feel better about life in general!

Here's an additional tip when it comes to adding pillows and throws...they DON'T need to match! They shouldn't clash with your decor, but adding a mishmash of different textiles adds a collected look to a room...which adds instant warmth!

Think of a showroom with furniture. There are usually two pillows that match the sofa. The look is very austere, not cozy and inviting!

So pile the pillows on, and bonus points if they're squishy and soft! Millie gives this tip her full endorsement!

Tip #3: Lighting

Winter days are short, which means less daylight. Whether you choose to enjoy your fireplace or add candles, the real (or faux) flame adds instant warmth, coziness and can dispel the gloom of a dreary day! Keep a couple candles out during the winter months so you can light them in the morning and enjoy them for hours!

I left up a Christmas garland on our fireplace mantle because I love the twinkle lights. And I'm considering adding some patio lights across the front of our built ins for extra twinkle!

Be creative by adding additional lighting to your home during the winter! Your home will feel warmer and will definitely be brighter.

Tip #4: Texture

Remember in Tip #2 we talked about showroom furniture? When everything matches, it looks perfectly fine but it lacks personality!

You can add personality to your home with the addition of texture! Texture adds interest! The big tip here is to think of things that DON'T match! So bring in different colored woods, baskets, blankets and pillows with tassels and chunky knits, iron, wicker. You may need to shop the other rooms in your house if you want to keep it budget-friendly! That's perfectly alright! These items don't need to stay in your room forever, they're helping to create a warm and cozy vibe so you can survive the dreary days of winter!
  living room sofa with coffee table

Tip #5: Plants

Greenery, whether faux or real, will go a LONG way to brightening up a winter home! In our living room I have our fiddle leaf fig, which is real. I also hung two small boxwood wreaths on the chalkboards above our sofa. On the built ins I have several more small faux plants.

Plants have the power to breathe life into your rooms! I love to mix real and faux. Check out your local hardware store for inexpensive live plants and if you're not a plant person, maybe considering adding just one, which isn't a big expense, and then do your best to care for it during the winter. I set an alarm on my phone every Monday morning at 9 am to remind me to water our figs, otherwise I would forget!

Even if you keep your plant alive for just a couple months, I promise you it will benefit both your home and you! Plants add freshness to a home, and they remind us that Spring is just around the corner even if you're currently buried under a pile of snow!

I hope these ideas helped you to re-imagine your home and showed how you can add brightness, warmth and cozy during the long winter days!

I would love to hear from you! Which tip inspired you the most? Do you have any other ideas to share?

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I'll see you back here on Wednesday with a dollar store DIY that involves buffalo check! ❤

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  1. All great ideas :}! The rug is AWESOME! Looks beautiful and I cant believe you can put it in the washer. :o Genius!!!


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