12 Affordable Daybeds with Vintage Style

Love the look of a vintage style daybed? I've sourced 12 gorgeous daybeds, well under $500, and I'm sharing the pros and cons of being the owner of a vintage style daybed!

vintage daybed

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I get asked this question all the time...

Where did you find your daybed?

Everyone loves the look and vintage charm that it adds to our home. My style is modern farmhouse cottage, with lots of woods and whites, and the daybed we purchased helps to add to that feeling in our home! You can read more about our daybed here.

vintage daybed on farmhouse floors

What's so great about a daybed?

We've had our vintage inspired daybed for about three years. And we love it! Not only does it look beautiful and adds a hefty dose of vintage style to our sunroom, but it's extremely comfortable. It's the perfect spot to take a nap, or even spend the night! 

Our daybed functions as extra seating most of the time. Usually you'll find someone lounging on it with a book, cuddling Millie, or even taking a nap! We love using it for this purpose!

vintage style daybed for lounging

If you have the room, a daybed can serve as an affordable sofa in your home. A daybed can be an affordable alternative to a sofa as most daybeds are much less expensive than a traditional sofa, even with the cost of the mattress! A daybed can also be a great addition to an office or multi-purpose room in your home, functioning as both a sofa and extra bed for overnight guests, especially if you choose one with a trundle!

sunroom with daybed and gallery wall

But it's not for everyone.

Are there any cons to owning a daybed?

How tall are your people? We originally bought our daybed with our oldest so in mind...he lives out of state, but visits a few times a year and we wante him to have a comfortable bed to sleep on. The reality is that his 6' 2" frame cannot lie fully extended on the daybed because of the raised arms. So that's definitely something to keep in mind when you're looking at what daybed frame to purchase! For all the readers who have asked, I've searched online for XL vintage style daybeds, and so far have not found anything I would add to this list!

daybed spindles

How big is your room? If you're seriously considering a daybed, you need to think about size. A daybed is essentially the size of a twin bed, which is much wider than the depth of a sofa. Will that fit comfortably in the room where you plan to use it?

Not only does the daybed functional as an extra bed, it serves as a very large and comfortable sofa the rest of the time! I keep ours piled with pillows, which helps to support your back while you're sitting on it. We have a lot of space in our sunroom, and the daybed helps to fill it up. But if you're wanting to use it as a sofa and have a small room, you might want to reconsider.

vintage daybed piled high with pillows

Now's a great time to buy a daybed!

Companies are offering sales on furniture and now is a great time to make a purchase! I've scoured the web and sourced some beautiful daybeds that evoke that vintage style, while still each being unique! 

12 vintage style daybeds for under $500

Here are 12 beautiful and affordable daybeds that have vintage style. I included the prices that I found online today, many are sale prices or even closeouts! I'm budget-conscious, so I chose daybeds that are well under $500, with the exception of one, which is so gorgeous I just had to include it! As always, when you shop online, look around for the best deal and definitely use a coupon or discount code to get the best possible price!

Please note that prices and stock are changing all the time; I cannot guarantee the prices or the availability. 

1. Antique Dark Bronze Daybed - $348.99 at Overstock

2. Paneled Upholstered Daybed - $494.09 at Overstock

3. Antique Gray Indonesian Rubberwood Daybed - $449.99 at World Market

4. Blueberry Daybed with Storage (also available in white) - $367.03 at Walmart

5. Black Spindle Daybed with Trundle - $419.99 at Wayfair

6. French Country Daybed - $205.19 at Overstock

7. White Daybed with Cane Panels - $549.99 at Wayfair

8. Emerald Green Velvet Daybed - $300 at Birch Lane

9. Gray Tufted Upholstered Daybed - $438.72 at Walmart

10. Walnut Spindle Daybed - $251.99 at Overstock

11. White Daybed with Trundle - $250.49 at Wayfair

12. Metal Spindle Daybed - $289.99 at Wayfair

12 affordable daybeds to buy

What kind of mattress do I use on a daybed?

The easiest thing to use is a standard twin mattress! I keep a spare set of twin sheets for when I'm making the daybed up to use as a bed. You won't need to purchase a boxspring, but make sure you're buying a mattress that doesn't require a boxspring!

You can also purchase decorative daybed cushions; I really love the look of this velvet tufted daybed cushion! This would be ideal if you're using your daybed primarily as a sofa.

If you have any additional questions about purchasing a daybed, please don't hesitate to ask!

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  1. I’m tall as well and have a twin xl mattress. I haven’t found much variety with beds in that size. Have you found any cute ones?

    1. They are few and far between! I'm keeping my eye out and if I find enough, I'll update the post!


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